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Storage Facilities Sonoma


The beautiful scenery of Sonoma, CA is the heart of the state’s wine country. Mild weather, friendly people, and picture-worthy views bring many people to our region every year.

However, when they fall in love with the area and decide to move, they need somewhere to store their items while getting settled. And when your local business booms, you need help relocating to a better facility.

Whether you’re searching for temporary or long-term storage facilities, Sonoma residents still turn to us at Good Green Moving. Since 2012, we have continued offering superior moving services and better storage solutions.

No matter what belongings you have or what they need to stay safe, you can count on us for it all. See why we remain your trusted name in local storage units today.

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Sonoma Temperature-Controlled Storage

While standard storage units might work for a few days, delicate items will soon encounter problems. Dirt and debris, mold and mildew, and changes in temperature and moisture levels all lead to more things getting ruined.

Instead, temperature-controlled units maintain a room temperature that stays consistent all day and night. Tax records, financial documents, books, furniture, and more can all benefit from indoor storage.

While standard outdoor storage options have their place, you can’t rely on them for sentimental items, electronic devices, and luxury furniture sets. Choosing means getting the added protection your things deserve for longer.

From getting a better place to keep items while you transition from one address to the next, to preserving them from the elements, we make it simple to stow any number of things. See why more residents turn to us for superior storage solutions.

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Climate Controlled Storage Sonoma

Temperature-controlled units are ideal for many things, but sometimes, even they aren’t enough for everything. The more delicate something remains, the more challenging it is to prevent it from getting broken.

One-of-a-kind memorabilia, antiques, expensive collectible pieces, and others need consistent levels of heat and humidity. Whether you keep a collection of quality cigars or need somewhere to store costly bottles of wine, many select us for their units.

Furniture and devices also need somewhere inside, dry, and cool to stay for preferred storage conditions. Contact us for more items that need climate control, including:

  • Wood Furniture
  • Leather Furniture
  • Wicker Sets
  • Wine & Liquor
  • Collections & Antiques
  • Upholstery & Taxidermy
  • Records & Files
  • Electronic Devices
  • Home Appliances
  • Pictures & Film
  • Artwork, Paintings, & Canvas
  • Musical Instruments
  • And more delicate possessions.

When the slightest change in heat and humidity could ruin your things, we make it simple to keep them protected every day. Call us now to discuss your storage unit needs and save more on quality solutions.

Which Unit Type is Right for Me?

Some people may use temperature and climate control interchangeably, but they aren’t always the same. We do our best to offer you the perfect indoor storage conditions for any items, giving you the ideal unit each time.

If you could house belongings inside of a home garage, then they should remain comfortable inside of a temperature-controlled space. If humidity levels above the 50% mark, however, could cause your items to ruin, then you should go for climate control instead.

Patio and outdoor furniture, for example, would benefit from units that only maintained heat because they get built to withstand the elements. Interior living room sets, on the other hand, likely need the extra dampness defense.

No matter which storage choice is better for your belongings, you can rely on us for all your needs. Contact us to for your best selection of storage units and affordable pricing.

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Why Rent From Good Green Moving?

State-of-the-art, temperature-controlled, solar powered storage facilities just for your items

Trusted Local Name

While you have many options in national storage unit brands, we provide a trusted local name for service. Your best units get powered through natural sunlight, offering a better choice for the environment.

Award Winning Service

Our team of 40 moving professionals continues delivering award-winning service to more residents throughout the community. You can find us featured in San Francisco Magazine, Yelp, Change Creator, and other publications.

Quality Care

You can even have us pick up, transport, and stow your items, giving you the best quality of care around. From white glove service options to carpentry and installations, there is nothing that we can’t accomplish for you.

Sonoma CA Storage Experts

While you won’t find a lovelier place to call home, Sonora does have varying weather throughout the year. You can expect dozens of inches of rain, and frigid below-zero temperatures in the winter.

As such, it isn’t always simple to protect all of your personal things, and outdoor storage units likely aren’t ideal. When you need added protection from wind, moisture, dirt, and more, we provide a better option each time.

From unopened wine bottles ready to ship to custom-tailored suits, leather sofas, and paper documents, there is nothing that can’t benefit from our better indoor storage units. Whatever you need us to hold on to, we guarantee the best protection possible from more types of hazards.

It’s no wonder why we continue assisting more area residents and businesses with all of their moving and storage needs. Contact us for your best options for local moving solutions today.

Whether you have big-ticket items or things that feel priceless to you, then allow our professionals to help you keep them safe. Contact us to secure your temperature or climate-controlled storage units today.

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Our staff provides more than a reliable place to keep your prized possessions. When you know that your items stay in the best conditions possible, it means resting easier.

From family heirlooms to client files, linens and sheets, and computer systems, more things today require a better storage unit option. When you need experienced professionals handling everything you bring in with care and respect, you need our expert service providers.

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