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Our San Francisco Moving Company

Moving you to a better future

We move everything for you — except mountains. And glaciers. Our mission is to keep that stuff where it is. When you move with us, you help that important stuff stay put.

How It Works

Our Clean, Green, Moving Machine


    We send your stress packing — when we pack for you. Breathe a sigh of relief and know your air is cleaner thanks to our reusable packing materials and eco-friendly vehicles. 


    We get your best angles on the Green Carpet.  Red carpets are so last year.  Our inventory photographers are ready to capture all the beauty in your boxes -- cataloguing your stuff so you can easily see everything you're storing!


    A pick-me-up for both your stuff and the planet! We take the hassle out of your hands — literally.  Need organizational help, a tv mounted, a complete makeover of your space, furniture assembled? If you can name it, the Good Green Concierge can provide it.


    We're all about that space — no rubble! Our warehouse isn't putting any wear on our planet — it puts the "ware" in environmental awareness! Just like our army of 10,000 redwood trees that go to work storing carbon, we take pride in storing your stuff in our state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled, solar-powered spaces to ensure security and safety for both your belongings and our planet.


    We've got your back when we unpack! Whether we're moving you near or far, commercial or residential, or storing your things — we bring you whatever you need, anytime.


    Remember that big TV? Don't worry about mounting that thing on the wall.  Need a complete makeover of your space, before or after your move? Our carpenters take care of that, too.  We assemble furniture — no more sobbing into the instruction manuals for you! (Yes, we heard it.  EVERYONE HEARD IT.  And we're here to help.)

Why Choose Good Green?

Because We C-A-R-E.


Our San Francisco moving company offers more services than any competitor — making your move hassle-free and convenient.

  • Commercial

  • Residential

  • Local & Long Distance

  • Storage

  • Concierge Services

  • Interior Design Services


Our rates are competitive and transparent. We wouldn’t have it any other way!


Every time you move with us, donations are made to environmental charities of your choice. And every step of the way, our business is powered by clean, green energy.


We teach our team caregiving tactics to make your move stress-free. We think that’s green-omenal news!

What They Say About Our San Francisco Moving Company

"What a great moving company. Everything was spelled out and discussed. They are honest and reliable and stuck to their word. These guys are polite, professional and great at making a move stress free. I would not hesitate in recommending Good Green Moving!"

Michelle F.

"Jonathan and his team helped us move our home content from Sausalito CA to storage, on way to our new residence. All in all, they completed the task superbly and came in 30 minutes under the original estimate. We recommend their service to all and plan to use them in our next moves as well."

Alon N.

"This team was fabulous! Never met such a courteous, proper group of men. They arrived on time, they were so respectful of our needs and were a pleasure to have here in a most stressful time! I would highly recommend Good Green."

Pam W.


Like many businesses, we have an origin story that we require employees to know, regurgitate, and deeply believe in. In short, we’re a cult hip, successful company. Here’s our story.


When I was 4 years old, I remember looking out of my preschool window, seeing a bunch of trash in the Fairfax Creek, and losing my sh**t. No pun intended — there were waterworks. I immediately organized a rescue expedition, staged a classroom coup, and, with my classmates, cleaned up the creek. Not a lot has changed in terms of my mindset — I mean, if I see trash, I immediately start weeping. But what has changed is that the mission isn’t just about one creek, anymore — it’s about habitats all over the world.

movers mill valley
mill valley movers


The environment was my first love — oh, and I was a caregiver for my mom. Then I fell in love with a girl who was just as into the Farmer’s Market as I was — and, I couldn’t believe it, but she was her grandmother’s caregiver, too. When we started Good Green Moving in 2012, we knew we were tackling an industry that has the potential to really stress people out, and wreak havoc on the environment. So we set out to do the exact opposite.


We started with just the two of us, and a run-down, rented truck. Now, we’ve got 40 employees, eco-friendly vehicles, 2 solar-powered storage facilities, the best customers in the world, and 1 baby on the way. We’ve already scheduled a tour of Pixar for the first month of her life, so she knows that if she can dream it, she can do it. We’re pretty sure she’ll remember it. NO, THE TOUR IS NOT FOR US.


Did we mention we train our San Francisco movers in caregiving tactics? We know moving can be rough, but with us, it’s good and green. Here are some of the incredible guys and gals who make that happen for people throughout the bay area.