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Like many businesses, we have an origin story that we require employees to know, regurgitate, and deeply believe in. In short, we’re a cult hip, successful company. Here’s our story.


When I was 4 years old, I remember looking out of my preschool window, seeing a bunch of trash in the Fairfax Creek, and losing my sh**t. No pun intended — there were waterworks. I immediately organized a rescue expedition, staged a classroom coup, and, with my classmates, cleaned up the creek. Not a lot has changed in terms of my mindset — I mean, if I see trash, I immediately start weeping. But what has changed is that the mission isn’t just about one creek, anymore — it’s about habitats all over the world.

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The environment was my first love — oh, and I was a caregiver for my mom. Then I fell in love with a girl who was just as into the Farmer’s Market as I was — and, I couldn’t believe it, but she was her grandmother’s caregiver, too. When we started Good Green Moving in 2012, we knew we were tackling an industry that has the potential to really stress people out, and wreak havoc on the environment. So we set out to do the exact opposite.


We started with just the two of us, and a run-down, rented truck. Now, we’ve got 40 employees, eco-friendly vehicles, 2 solar-powered storage facilities, the best customers in the world, and 1 baby on the way. We’ve already scheduled a tour of Pixar for the first month of her life, so she knows that if she can dream it, she can do it. We’re pretty sure she’ll remember it. NO, THE TOUR IS NOT FOR US.



Did we mention we train our San Francisco movers in caregiving tactics? We know moving can be rough, but with us, it’s good and green. Here are some of the incredible guys and gals who make that happen for people in San Francisco, Petaluma, Mill Valley, San Rafael, and throughout the bay area.


Our first habitat that we are supporting is the Lagunitas Creek in the bay area.  We are partnering with Spawn to help rebuild the Coho Salmon native habitat in the Lagunitas Creek.

We are helping rebuild the Lagunitas Creek floodplain by removing 150,000 cubic yards of fill, which equates for 4 ½ olympic swimming pools.

This will create 1,500 feet of side channels and backwaters which will help the Coho salmon thrive in their native habitat.