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We move everything for you — except mountains. And glaciers. Our mission is to keep that stuff where it is. When you move with us, you help that important stuff stay put.

Oakland Commercial Movers

The most trusted commercial Movers in Oakland, CA

The only chore more exhausting than changing residences is when your business moves locations. Not only are your belongings more delicate than what you have at home, but how can you pack what you still need to operate?

Instead, you need local Oakland commercial movers who make any relocation a painless move for business owners. Since 2012, our team has continued providing the best in local commercial moving solutions.

At Good Green Moving, we take the hassle out of moving offices, no matter where in Oakland CA the new location will be. We offer fast, affordable services that take care of every detail, ensuring nothing gets left behind or ruined.

When you need professional moving services for your items, equipment, and electronics, we can help you reopen quickly and at a low cost. See why we are considered the expert movers that more business professionals choose daily.


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Oakland Commercial Moving Services

Every business has dozens of items that need special care when transferring from one office to the next. In the end, you can’t trust your most important items to just any local moving service.

Our staff has the expertise you can depend on for safer, more efficient packing and relocating, all at affordable pricing. No matter what your business offers or which items you have, we make your commercial move simpler every day.

See why we remain the best in local professional movers who help more business owners throughout the community. We provide fast, dependable movers who offer the best in:

  • Weekday Moving Service
  • Weekend Moving Service
  • After Hours Service
  • IT Moving Solutions
  • Sensitive Equipment Moving
  • Records & Files
  • Office Furniture
  • Office Packing
  • In-House Storage Solutions
  • Climate Controlled Storage
  • Commercial Crates & Labels
  • Convenient Moving Estimates
  • And more expert moving services.

Choosing us means making any relocation simple each time. No matter where your new office is or what you need us to transport, we guarantee the best experience with our friendly staff and their care-giving spirt.

What to Expect From Our Commercial Moving Company

We have everything you need to complete your commercial move

Weekday Moving

If you're able to close during the week, we can have you in your new building by the end of the weekend. Many owners and managers prefer to relocate on a weekday so they can start fresh the following Monday.

Whatever day during the week you need to move, Good Green Moving is here. Call today to schedule your office’s weekday move now.


Weekend moves can be difficult to find local movers because they are already booked with residential moves. At Good Green Moving, you'll have our undivided attention on the weekend to help you relocate.

Our staff remains the convenient choice every weekend. Contact us for your Saturday or Sunday relocation needs and save with our movers.


When you operate during your peak season, it’s nearly impossible to find a suitable stopping point to pack up the office. There's never enough time to successfully move on your own.

Instead, you can continue working with confidence knowing that we make it simple to move after hours.  Why interrupt your hectic schedule when we provide a straightforward way to move offices?

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Contact our Oakland commercial movers over the phone to discuss your moving project.  We'd love to hear about your plans for relocating your business, and finding a way to help you transition into your new place with our stress free moving services.

Commercial Moving Services With Your Business In Mind

At Good Green Moving, we put the needs of your business first when completing our commercial move

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Some items remain more delicate than others, and you can’t afford to hand them off to just anyone. Instead, our experienced commercial moving professionals provide the level of care that you can trust.

We have moved many electrical items, and we provide climate-controlled storage for more types of sensitive equipment. Make sure that your IT department remains intact with our professional team today.


While you can likely load a considerable number of boxes into your vehicle, the office’s furniture items are another story entirely. Solid wood boardroom tables, awkward rolling chairs, and particle board desks all need experienced moving professionals.

Before you try tying furniture down to the roof of your car, we make it simple to relocate more types of furniture pieces. Skip the hassle of loading personal vehicles and allow us to make your move simple.

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When it’s time to relocate, everyone wishes they could wave a magic wand and watch it all disappear. While we can’t work that quickly, you’ll find our local moving experts to be the next best thing.

We offer complete packing solutions, making short work of even the most cluttered office space. Why spend more time away when we handle all of your moving services for less?


Standard storage units aren't safe enough for expensive electronics, sensitive IT equipment, and other office supplies. 

We make it simple to store any number of electronics, furniture, and other valuable items in a safe climate-controlled environment. When your items need to stay at a consistent temperature, you’ll never need to fear entrusting our temperature-controlled, solar power storage facilities to secure items.

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See What Others Have to Say...


Peter Scully

"Showed up on time, with a plan, ready to go. They were awesome. The crew was very nice and a pleasure to work with. Two thumbs up for sure. Final cost was right at the estimate. Definitely recommend!"


Hank Holliday

"These guys were so great. Really efficient and professional. And super nice. The whole operation is really well put together. I highly recommend Good Green, they're the best!"


Carlos Kronen

"The manager, Jonathan, was incredibly customer service oriented. The movers, Tyler, Cody, Eric, and Robbie, were honest, polite, and considerate. Highly recommended!"

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Start Movin With Our Good Green Team

All too often, people choose the first moving service that they can find that offers a cheap quote. When it comes time for the relocation to take place, however, only two people show up.

While they may have no problem lifting even your bulkiest items, they work fast and leave your belongings banged up. It’s a miracle any of your furniture or electronics arrive in one piece at all, and there always appears to be things missing in the end.

Instead, we provide a complete moving crew comprised of experienced individuals. We offer more efficient service options and a better quality of care, no matter what you need us to move.

When other companies only seem interested in relocating you as quickly as they can, it often costs you more in replacing broken things. Instead, give your office’s belongings the quality they deserve by hiring us.