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For your sustainable, eco conscious and no hassle relocation. 

Moving Tips

Planning your move carefully is the best way for a hassle free move. While at it, you must also think of how your move is contributing to the carbon foot print. By choosing Good Green Moving, you can reduce that carbon footprint as we have optimized our processes and trained our people to be as Green as necessary and possible!


Decluttering is the best way to start afresh before you move to a different place. You will avoid carrying unnecessary items to the new place that you were living with all these years. Purge mercilessly on unused and unnecessary items.


Purchase all the packing essentials like tapes,markers, scissors etc. Good Green Marketplace has vendors who can organize garage sales and giveaways before you begin packing.  


Purchase essential supplies such as paper towels, garbage bags.


Keep your suitcases, cartons are packing boxes ready


Start packing way before your moving date. 


A typical 8 week time can be allotted before moving and can be divided with weekly planning activities to declutter, pack, clean, move and unpack.


Pack less frequently used items first. Like, you can pack all the winter wear in case you are moving in summer.


Keep all the necessary documents at one place to carry it along with you. Collect the new location address, Rental or purchase contracts and put them in a folder and label it. 


Book services like painting, cleaning and moving services way prior to your moving. This will give you much time to plan your budget and also will relieve you from last minute panic.


Schedule your utility services like heat, electricity, water etc at the new home before you move in. Get the confirmation from them that all are in working condition.Have a stress free move, 


Pack a bag of everyday essentials to carry along with you while you travel in a car or plane. Essentials like medicines, that favorite toy of your kid, favorite munchies etc 


Take a print out of the packing tips and keep them ready for guidance

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