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Good Green App

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How it Works

The Good Green App is a new way to move. It all starts with choosing your required service. No longer will you have to call a company and be left on hold just to get an estimator to come to your house next week between 12 and 5.

Through the app, simply take a video of everything that’s being moved, enter your personal information, pick a date, and like that you’re done! If you have any questions you can use the built in chat feature to speak with your Good Green concierge.

On the date of your move, you will be updated through the app on the arrival of your movers. They will take a video inventory of all of your things, making sure everything is accounted for, then they will pack it up, drive it, and unload. Lastly, they will take one final walkthrough after unloading, ensuring once again that everything is in the right place. 

Then we say goodbye, and you’re home. No stress, no human interaction, just a pleasant drive from your old home, to your beautiful new one. 

Moving sucks… but it doesn’t have to

We all know what it’s like, and we all shudder at the thought of it. But what if it didn’t? What if you looked forward to the day you moved? What if instead of dreading it, we looked to it as an opportunity to start a brand new life, in a brand new, beautiful home?

We started Good Green because we wanted to revolutionize the industry and hopefully, the world. But to change an industry we couldn’t operate like everyone else, we had to do something new, something that would forever change the moving industry. 

Every customer we talked to over the years had the same dread and tiredness in their voice. We heard their frustration, and we listened. From their frustration, the Good Green App was born.