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Interior Design Oakland


When people think about the greater Oakland, CA community, they likely imagine the rough football players the city stays famous for hosting. However, there is more to life east of the Bay than watching heavy hits and exciting plays.

The average homeowner needs some degree of remodeling services, and interior design Oakland providers stay busy. When you need help improving your indoor living areas, you need affordable designers and convenient services.

Good Green Moving continues providing the best in local interior design solutions that leave your place looking its best for longer. Our efficient team quickly installs, moves, and replaces any items you need, all at affordable pricing.

Whether you need a few minor adjustments a total interior makeover, you can rely on us for more design solutions. See why more people have turned to us since 2012.


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Oakland Interior Design

Thanks to TV shows and movies, many people think that an interior designer strolls in with an entourage of different professionals and that it turns your home on its side for days. Not only does that image overly complicate the process, but it scares off those who could benefit from it the most.

Our staff makes any design needs simple without going over your budget. From new furniture items and décor pieces to utilizing your square footage more efficiently, we can assist you with it all.

We provide complete interior design solutions that leave your home or office looking like new without much effort. See why our team is the popular choice for any service needs, including:

  • Same-Building Moving
  • Installation Services
  • Furniture Moving & Rearranging
  • Customized Designs
  • Past Client Portfolio
  • Space Planning
  • White Glove Delivery
  • Freight Damage Inspections
  • Residential Designs
  • Commercial Interior Design
  • Climate-Controlled Storage
  • Item Pickup & Delivery
  • And more expert design solutions.

Our staff can help to remove furniture and décor items or to make your Spring Cleaning straightforward. Contact us today and breathe new life into any indoor living area with our broad range of interior design solutions.

What to Expect From Our Interior Design Services

We won't just move it, but we'll design it for you too


Whether you’re changing floors, changing rooms, giving items away to neighbors and more, you need someone who can carefully move your belongings short distances.

Tight corners, stairwells, elevators and other obstacles all need our experienced moving experts.


You couldn’t wait to bring your new furniture purchases home, and now you’re stuck trying to put it together. Whether the instructions stay written in a different language or you lack the right tools, you need someone to make fast work of it all.

When you need someone that can successfully set up any new items in your place, we guarantee better results each time. See what we can assist you with now and call us today.


Some clients find inspiration from magazines and from watching TV, and they can’t wait to try and recreate them. Others, however, know that they are ready for a change but don’t know what they want to do next.

Our design experts can help you feel inspired by past designs and a professional eye for detail. Whatever themes, patterns, or colors you need to capture, we can help bring any ideas to life.

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Our Interior Design Service Will Send Your Stress Packing

At Good Green Moving, we'll make your place turn-key ready with our interior design services

oakland interior design bedroom


Eventually, every homeowner begins wondering if the way that their living room gets arranged happens to be the best use of the space. However, rearranging furniture from one side to the next soon causes you to sweat.

Whether you need assistance moving sofas from one wall to a different one, or you decided to change rooms, we can help you rearrange any items with ease. Stop creating more work for yourself and choose our team today.


Sometimes properties have unique floor plans that create additional hurdles to your improved designs. Other occasions, however, leave you overwhelmed and unable to think about the next step.

Whether you need to know that you’re hiring a design team with experience, or you are still searching for inspiration, we can provide you with a portfolio full of images of our past work. See everything that our designers are capable of and hire us today.

interior design oakland
space planning design


You have reread the details of your home time and again, trying to see where all the square footage has gone. Many people, despite having a standard house size, you’re cramped and surrounded by clutter.

No matter how tight your living areas or what sort of belongings you have, we can help you make the most of any rooms. Usually, all it takes are a few minor adjustments to leave any tiny room feeling larger.


The typical person doesn’t realize how filthy things get during transportation. Outdoor loading areas, freight trains, boat shipping, and other methods all leave your boxes covered in dirt.

Our white glove delivery ensures that nothing enters your home except what you ordered. When you need to prevent more of the outdoors from coming inside, we avoid more messes from occurring.

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Some days, it can feel as if the postal service played football with your purchased items. Other times, they may try and blame you for the condition that your things arrived.

We can act as your freight investigative team, helping to figure out if something got damaged during transport. Receive an experienced second opinion before making a claim and make the most of your inspections.


Whether you need us to redesign your home’s interior or your office space, our team has experience in transforming them all. You can feel confident knowing that we assist more homeowners and business owners throughout the community every day.

Since 2012, more people have turned to us for improved indoor living designs. See what we can do for your interior areas and contact us now.

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Peter Scully

"Showed up on time, with a plan, ready to go. They were awesome. The crew was very nice and a pleasure to work with. Two thumbs up for sure. Final cost was right at the estimate. Definitely recommend!"


Hank Holliday

"These guys were so great. Really efficient and professional. And super nice. The whole operation is really well put together. I highly recommend Good Green, they're the best!"


Carlos Kronen

"The manager, Jonathan, was incredibly customer service oriented. The movers, Tyler, Cody, Eric, and Robbie, were honest, polite, and considerate. Highly recommended!"

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Before you hire an expensive interior design service, our team has the level of skill you can trust and affordable pricing. Give your interior areas the best group of designers and save with Good Green Moving today.

We'll have your place looking exactly the way you want it without you ever having to lift a finger.  We'll do all the unpacking and heavy lifting. You just sit back, relax, have a drink (or two) and let the Good Green Moving team complete your move with our interior design services.