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Green Tips From Our Local Movers in San Francisco

Really, this page is about our passion for maintaining the health of the earth. Our hope is that these tips help you, as they’ve helped us, to make easy choices that ensure our continued longevity as a global community. Enjoy!

Support your local farmers’ market: Eating local, organic foods is easy, delicious, and sustainable. Not only does the food taste better, this choice supports community farmers who raise animals humanely. Buying local and organic also reduces greenhouse gases.

Support green technology like bio-diesel and electric vehicles: We believe it’s possible to live in a world where our transportation does not harm our earth! However, some “bio-degradable products” aren’t as eco-friendly as others. For example, peanuts can only bio-degrade in a very specific, controlled environment. Most of them are never able to bio-degrade, because that environment is not widely available. Research is key.

Plastic — avoid it like the plague! The solution is simply to try not to use it! And we’ve got good news: Many alternatives, like reusable glass and tin (containers) and cotton and hemp (bags) are easily accessible. Avoiding plastic in favor of reusable items will enormously impact our landfills, forests, oceans, and rivers.

Turn off your lights when you leave your house. Do your best when you are in your home to use minimal lighting. Not only does this save money, but it minimizes our demand for energy. If you really want to be a trend-setter, turn off your “phantom loads” by switching off power strips between usages.

Renewable energy is an investment, but it’s one that pays out much wider-reaching dividends than anything else on the market. Go solar or construct a wind turbine. If these options are not available to you, then ask your energy provider if there is a deep green option, or a 100% renewable energy option. Marin Clean Energy provides our office with 100% renewable energy, so make sure to ask around your community, or local energy provider.

Research the companies you support. Make sure they give back to the global community. Do they have intentions that are aligned with nature? Supporting ethical, conscious companies gives individual people the power to ensure that we’ll have mountains to climb, trees to admire, lakes and rivers to swim in, and oceans to explore. Your dollar is your vote on what you want to see in the future. Spend it wisely.

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