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How San Francisco Movers Stay Safe

San Francisco Movers Safety Precautions

Safety should be a moving companies number one priority when hired for any local or long distance moves.  There are several different steps in taking the proper safety precautions to ensure for a safe, secure and successful move.

At Good Green Moving, we employ highly trained professionals with years of experience.  The Good Green Moving team believes in moving your items quickly, but most importantly safely.  We want to leave your items in the same condition that you left them in prior to moving day.

We have several strategies for ensure a safe and secure move.  From relocating a residential family, to moving a business located on the 30th floor of a luxury high rise in downtown San Francisco, our professionals know how to take care of you and your items.

Here are just a few safety precautions that our team at Good Green Moving keep in mind with each and every move:

Moving Heavy Items

Moving items isn’t that simple especially when you are moving heavy items, it requires professionalism and some precautions need to be taken to avoid damages or any other bad conditions. Many bad conditions can be met in an item is being moved carelessly, there might be home accident or fire nor any other hazards. This is why it is required to take precautions before trying to move anything.

Concept of moving heavy items  

It is a necessity to use durable plastics; the plastic should be placed under the heavy items. It is the best way of dragging appliances and other properties such as furniture’s in order to reduce the resistance of such materials for easy dragging. E.g. the plastic placed under a heavy item dragged on a carpet will be easy to drag.  If not, then it will be hard and the item will wear out.

Occasionally, before you can lift heavy items you have to bend it over. Damage of the back and torso can be experienced and permanent if the mover does not take the proper precautionary steps. The best method is lifting from the knees for heavier objects. This, moment can cause injury if moved incorrectly; injuries in this aspect are easily attained if care is not taken.

Waterproof shoes should be worn are not ordinary waterproof boots but firm ones in order to prevent many dangerous accidents while moving furniture’s . It is important to protect our foot with strong boots. Breaking of the foot during moving can be very hazardous except that its stops the work, the results of the wound might be very fatal enough to amputate one’s foot.

Safety Precautions

Wearing of appropriate clothing should be taken into consideration when moving items so that they can serve as protective to avoid cuts and bruises. String leather gloves should be worn on the palms to prevent further cuts and to have a good grip of the item in order to avoid sloping of such item which might cause another accident.

It’s also important to pack and bubble wrap valuable items that need to stay in mint condition throughout the duration of the move.  This should be done at the existing site prior to loading and with the help of multiple movers. You’ll want to make sure that your moving company has everything securely wrapped and fully covered that you don’t want to be exposed or damaged.

The Good Green Moving Way

Deciding On Movers San Francisco

Moving your belongings from one place to another is indeed not a glorified aspect of moving into your new home.  Relocating to your new home or moving business locations can cause a lot of anxiety and stress.  This is an experience that most people dread because of the work that it requires to complete the move.

At Good Green Moving, we are here to relieve your worries about moving day and all the daunting work that comes with it.  Our professional movers in San Francisco will help you every step of the way, from packing your belongs to dropping them off at your request.

Our goal is to move you to a better future while preserving our planet by reducing our carbon footprint.  We are an environmentally friendly company that uses reused, yet durable materials for each move.  We want to protect our planet to ensure that we leave it better than how we found it.

The Good Green Moving Company Works Locally and Long Distance

The Good Green Moving Company is located In San Francisco and bay area US. The company has grown in a great range for the past few years due to the reason that it offers customers quality and reputable moving services. The company is well known for its successful moves of high rise condos and several local and long distance moves. 

The Good Green Moving Company offers much variety of local moves including dorms; apartments and other categories of local moves do a wide variety of local moves. The company is certified and has well trained men to move all your properties without any damages to your materials. All the furniture is well kept properly without any cost as other company does not have this quality.  The properties are well kept and won’t be damaged at all.

The drivers of the moving truck are experienced drivers that are trained well is as to avoid any firm of accident which might eventually cause damages to your properties. The company shows great care towards its customer because the Good Green Moving is meant for the transportation of properties properly for the masses.

The long distance feature of the company enables you to move your properties over long distances.

Over the past few years of establishment, the company has grown widely ranging from cities to cities and town to town. We will not only move you to a nearby neighborhood, but we will successfully move your valuable items from one side of the bay area to the other.

We have you covered for miles to come so you don’t have to fear the task of packing, loading, driving for hours or days, unloading and unpacking all of your belongings.   Our long distance moves also applies to our commercial moving services as we will help relocate your business as well.  We have years of experience of safely moving out of high rise luxury condos.

Located on the 48th floor?  That’s not a problem for Good Green Moving.  We’ll have you out in no time without scratching one item.

Ensured delivery of loads

In order to avoid loss of loads, the company has made it possible for the people who loaded the truck from the previous house to the new house to unload it themselves so as to prevent any controversy. The company has a disciplined worker which is well trained to answer the customers in a polite manner and ensure that their loads are well kept.

The Good Green Moving Company is well known for its quality of transporting from long distance to another long distance. The loads are kept in a string container to avoid damages or any other factor that wants to affect it .the Good Green Moving Company is a company created to serve good and general purpose for the masses in which it has been doing for the past few years.

Special moving: The Good Green Moving Company is up to task

We have the working staff understands the technique of moving your goods from one point to another without any scratch no matter how far it is not difficult. It has well skilled professional movers that will ensure the delivery of the goods; the workers are always up to task and always ready to tackle a challenge.

The company is always ready to make you laugh in your new home or towards what you just transported.  It’s always ready to put that smile on your lips.

The Good Green Moving Company is ready for any sort of moves, no matter how far it is, it will always deliver her best.

Do Your Research When Looking For Movers Bay Area

Important Questions For Movers Bay Area

Relocating from one location to another has never been an easy task. A lot is supposed to be done in a very short. With many decisions to be made in a limited time, it’s very easy for you to get confused. There are hundreds of moving companies out there to choose from. Many of them claim to offer the best services to their clients.

Unfortunately, not all of them can provide satisfaction. Many people would prefer a trustworthy moving company to what they spend. After all, what’s the essence of paying less and then get your belongings damaged or missing?

Before you think of having a moving company come over to your place to provide estimates, leave about hiring them, you must be sure with you’re doing. You must ensure you’re not dealing with middlemen. Remember these are total strangers that you’re giving access to your valuable stuff.

Once you’re confident in the movers bay area that you’d like to hire, here are some of the question you should ask them before allowing them to make their first step.

Questions concerning their company

As mentioned above, ensure you’re dealing with the real owners of the company. Anything else will definitely land you into trouble. Knowing what exactly should be considered when hiring a moving company is very vital. The following questions will help you be on a safer side and avoid quacks.

Is Your Company Licensed and Insured?

This should be your very first question to ask. A reputable company will never fail to prove the fact that their company is well documented. This will ensure that your belongings are handled properly and safely. Thus giving you peace of mind

Do You Have the Necessary Equipment and Storage Facilities?

You want to make sure that your stuff will be taken good care of.  A moving company without proper equipment can result in damaging some of your property. If your move requires your items stored for some time, then you must ensure the company has good storage facilities.

How Long Has Your Company Been in Business and What Type of Move Can You Handle?

Experience is very important. As much as the length of time a company has been around doesn’t necessarily guarantee high quality, movers who have been around are well skilled. Like Good Green Moving company we are competent and understand the know-how of handling your move.

Does Your Company Provide Liability Coverage?

Anything can happen during the relocation phase. You need to be sure that your items are safe. The company should be liable for damage. Let them tell you the kind of liability coverage they provide. You also have an option to purchase insurance from a third-party insurance company if you please.

Do You Have Any Recommendations And References to Show?

You set of questions won’t be complete without including this one. Your preferred mover should be proud to show you what other customers say about them. Of course, you should have done your own. But asking directly will increase your confidence in them.

What kind of questions should you ask about their estimates?

This is a section of great interest to you. How do you ensure that there are no hidden costs? Here is a set of questions you should ask:

How Do You Conduct Your Estimation?

A reputable company should offer an on-site binding written estimate. If the company only offers you a quote over the phone, raise your eyebrows. Such are the kind who will probably ask you for more.

How Do You Charge?

It is important to know how the movers bay area charge.  How do they charge in the event of a local move and a long distance move? Make sure you have all the necessary information.

Ask how long the move will take and whether they offer inventory.

You want to know how long the movers will take to complete the job. This will help you get well prepared. Request a full inventory to know how the company will determine the total weight of your shipment.

Do not forget to ask what kind of payment methods they accept and whether they collect any deposits. Ask them about their cancellation policy. Be careful not to pay a huge deposit amount. Ensure their payment method is not only limited to cash.

Questions to ask about relocation and delivery of your items

The following questions should be asked:

  1. How will your company account for property damage?
  2. How will you handle my general items and treat my delicate items?
  3. What happens when there is something missing?
  4. What happens when my belongings arrive before me?
  5. Do you guarantee pickups and delivery dates?

You can ask these questions from us any time you want and we will be able to respond you within just a few minutes. You can also visit our official website at the homepage for all the necessary details. We have got years of experience in the quality moving service industry. You need us, let us know today!