Quick and Simple Ways To Organize Your Next Move

by | Apr 7, 2022 | House Moving Tips

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Moving presents a number of challenges, whether you are moving to a different part of the county or planning a cross-city move. You may glance around your house, scrutinizing your cherished possessions and collected items. Even wonder how you can begin organizing for a move.

But your house moving does need to be a total disaster. Here are some pointers to help you make a smooth move.

6 Organized Ways of Moving

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1. Make a list of your moving inventory.

The important step in getting organized is to determine what you will be doing to pack, store, and move to your new place. Take a notepad and go through your house, room by room, noting which belongings you’ll need to bring with you. You may be amazed by what you discover, and you may decide to get rid of some items rather than move them.

2. Set aside your must-haves.

There are several essentials that you should have on hand when packing and unpacking. These may vary from basic needs like a toothbrush, toilet paper, and a set of clean clothes. It can also include more particular goods like cooking and dining utensils, a basic toolset, or even your beloved book.

3. Purge and donate.

It’s time to purge once you’ve decided what to keep and what you can live without in your new home. Begin by asking friends and family in your neighborhood if they can use any of your unwanted items. Consider giving them to other residents if you live in a condo complex or an apartment.

Another option is to make a donation. Thrift stores and homeless shelters will gladly accept your clothes and furniture, and donations are an excellent way to recycle your belongings rather than simply throwing them away. Furthermore, any donations you make can be deducted from your taxes.

4. Sort similar items.

After getting rid of unwanted items, the next step is to begin packing. However, packing necessitates planning. Begin by grouping items that are similar together. You wouldn’t put an exquisite figurine in the same box as your cast-iron frying pans, for example. Ensure that all parts or pairs of things are kept together. You should place small hardware items, such as mirror bolts and curtain rod hangers, in plastic bags and securely taped or tied them to the piece they belong to.

5. Label and pack.

Your inventory is complete, and your items are organized. The exciting part begins now: packing. You may believe that you can simply throw everything in a box, but you would be wise to take a more strategic approach.

Small, fragile, individually wrapped items should be packed separately or in small boxes, cushioned with crushed or shredded paper. Fill in any gaps with crushed paper by stacking small boxes inside a single large box. Limit the weight of the carton to about 50 pounds. You must aim for a firm pack that keeps items from moving around and does not overload the cartons. The box cover should not bend inward but closes easily and without force.

And remember to add labels, because unpacking can be disastrous if you don’t know what’s in each box. Try also labeling your boxes with colors pertaining to each room in your new home (yellow for the living room, orange for the bedroom, green for the kitchen, etc.).

6. Plan your move.

If you’ve gone through this list of organizational moving tips and you’re still stressed, you might need to hire a professional. You can also try an online move planner, which is intended to provide you with everything you need  pre and post-move:

  • A comprehensive and adaptable moving to-do list
  • Email reminders that are sent to you weekly
  • Coupons and special offers that could save you hundreds of dollars

Good Green can also help you with this for a hassle-free and stress-free moving experience.

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