5 Tips That Will Make Your House Moving Better

by | Apr 5, 2022 | House Moving Tips

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To ensure a successful move, plan every aspect of the move – from start to finish – well ahead of time. You’ll be setting yourself up for a smooth move by anticipating common moving disasters. Fortunately, there are numerous strategies available to assist you in avoiding a major moving day disaster, such as hiring a professional moving company.

Are you curious about how to have a stress-free moving experience? Here are the top 5 moving tips that will help you achieve a full-service professional moving.

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1. Find a reliable moving company

With the number of complaints filed against moving companies on the rise, it’s more important than ever to properly protect yourself and your belongings during a move. So, before entrusting your household items to a moving company, do your research. 

To determine the credibility of a moving company, first, ensure that they are properly licensed and insured. Fortunately, GoodGreenMoving.com is insured by 4 companies: 

  1. Workers Comp Insurance: StateFund;
  2. Cargo Insurance: United Specialty Insurance;
  3. PL/PD/AUTO Insurance: Progressive; and
  4. General Liability: Scottsdale Insurance Company.

You should also look for any official complaints filed with the FMCSA by entering the moving company’s USDOT Number into their search engine. It’s also a good idea to see if the moving company is a member of the American Moving and Storage Association.

2. Properly pack fragile items

The best way to avoid having your belongings broken is to properly pack your belongings, and by doing the following:

  • Make use of appropriate moving boxes and supplies. 
  • Use only undamaged or falling-apart boxes. 
  • Ensure that TVs, artwork, and mirrors are properly protected. 
  • Wrap breakables in bubble wrap, newspaper, or foam. 
  • Heavy items should be packed in smaller boxes rather than larger ones. 
  • Important documents and records should be stored in file folders

It is critical not to put multiple heavy items in the same box. Also, when packing electronics and cords, use waterproof bins and/or plastic baggies. Good Green Moving supplies the right moving boxes for the job, as they are reusable and safe for the environment.

3. Find appropriate exits beforehand for big furniture

Oversized couches and/or a small front door are more likely to give you the experience of a moving day disaster. Keep in mind that if you have other large pieces of furniture, such as a dining table, or a tall cabinet, you may encounter a similar issue.

To avoid this aggravating situation, measure your couch and doorways before moving. If you have an oversized couch or a small doorway, try removing the hinges, or removing the legs from the couch. If it’s still won’t pass through based on your measurements, search your home for another door or window that is large enough to accommodate the furniture.

4. Do not totally rely on your friends for a DIY move

If you’ve enlisted the help of friends and family, keep in mind that they may cancel from your agreement. Maybe they got the flu, or maybe they’re just flaky. In any case, having friends cancel at the last minute can seriously derail your moving day plans.

To avoid this scenario, I recommend planning a do-it-yourself move with other moving labor options. HireAHelper, an online marketplace, can help you find labor-only moving companies. This service makes it simple for people who are moving to find movers who specialize in loading and unloading. 

You can also Good Green which has trained manpower, and a licensed and insured moving company that can help with heavy lifting as well as single item moves.

5. Make sure your movers are permitted to transport your item.

There can be some from your boxed items that are on the list of “non-allowable.” This means you’ll have to find another way to transport your belongings and/or dispose of them responsibly before moving day.

While most non-allowable are obvious (for example, hazardous chemicals), others may not be (e.g. nail polish and scuba tanks). Fertilizer, loaded firearms, gasoline, propane tanks, and perishable food items are also prohibited. Before packing your belongings, check with your moving company and request a complete list of prohibited items.

Are you ready for your next move?

Hiring the right professionals for the job can help you avoid moving day disasters. Good Green Moving’s team of reliable movers makes it simple and easy for your home move. Check GoodGreenMoving.com for affordable, accountable, and reliable movers to handle your next move. Get your free quote here.