How To Make Your House Moving Stress-Free and De-Cluttered

by | Mar 16, 2022 | House Moving Tips

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It makes no sense to move an overstuffed junk drawer or closets full of items you had no idea you owned. You’ll have to pack and tediously pack all those extra items if you move by yourself. If you hire a moving company, you might be paying more to move junk you won’t want in your new place.

De-clutter your life before you start packing to make moving day as inexpensive and stress-free as possible.

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Stress-free and De-cluttered Home Moving

1. Allow Time for Yourself

Don’t put off deciding what to pack and what to get rid of until the day before the movers arrive. Instead, plan at least two weeks ahead of time. Set aside a few hours each day to work on a different room or closet in your home. You won’t be tempted to just throw everything in boxes and call it a day if you work in smaller chunks.

2. Make Use of Extras

Start using up any excess household goods and toiletries, such as toilet paper or shampoo. By doing so, you will have less to bring with you, and there will be more space for the more important stuff. If you are concerned about running out, buy a smaller size to get you through the days while home moving.

3. Have a ‘Necessities Box’

A ‘necessities box’ contains items such as a box cutter, or anything that you will require on the day you move in. It could also have hammers, nails, tapes, and other common items used for unpacking and installing furniture items. Mark the box and keep it with you while, so you don’t have to rummage through all your boxes looking for it.

4. Save The Mementoes for Last

It’s much easier to get rid of things you never liked than it is to get rid of something with sentimental value. To avoid becoming frustrated with de-cluttering, save the more difficult decisions for last, like what to do with unused but sentimental gifts. This will also give you more time to think about which items you’d really want to keep, and those you are willing to donate.

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5. Use Three Boxes For Your Things

Bring three boxes for each room: one for things you’ll keep, one for things you’ll throw away, and one for things you’ll donate or sell. Put each item into one of the three boxes as you go through closets and drawers. This will help you categorize your belongings that are necessary for your home moving, and separate those that you won’t need. 

6. Use the ‘Practicality Test’

If you’re not sure whether to keep or donate something, honestly ask yourself if you’ll use it. Set a time limit for clothes, for example. If you haven’t worn something in a year, chances are you won’t wear it again, so donate it. Check for duplicates when it comes to sheets, towels, or kitchen utensils. While three sets of sheets would be ideal, one or two will suffice. The same is true for hand towels and spatulas.

7. Examine the Expiration Dates

Before you pack anything, look for an expiration date or recall when you purchased it. Spices can last for years but lose their potency after about six months. If you’ve had that spice jar for a while, open it and smell what’s inside. If you don’t get a strong whiff of the spice, toss the jar. Many makeup products in the bathroom, such as mascara and concealer, also expire after a year. While using old makeup isn’t harmful, now is a good time to get rid of items you haven’t used in years.

8. Give or sell

Once you’ve gone through every room in your house, either sell or donate what you don’t want to charity. You’ll finally be rid of that clutter, and you’ll earn some money (or a tax deduction) to help offset your moving expenses.

9. Hire Good Green Moving

Hiring professional home movers will give you ease, and will let you focus on your work, children, and other important matters. Since our founding, we know and understand the stress, struggles, and security concerns in planning, packing and moving your home items. Moving to or from San Francisco? Check out this post about having stress-free moving in San Francisco.

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