8 Must-Dos For Avoiding Big Hassles When Moving Out

by | Mar 11, 2022 | House Moving Tips

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Are you moving to another state? It can be a time-consuming process that requires patience and planning, from packing your belongings and finding a new place to live. We can assist you if you are unsure how to relocate to another state with less hassle to mind. Here is our checklist for moving into a new house or moving to another state, and making it less of a headache.

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Must-dos for moving out of state

1. Plan your finances accordingly.

Moving outside of a state can be expensive because hiring professional movers to help out-of-state move costs an average of $5,000. Consider that even if you plan a do-it-yourself move, there are fess for a truck rental, moving supplies, and other costs. Start by determining how much you are willing to spend on transportation, then make a list of all the necessary moving expenses. Also, if you’re relocating for work, find out if your employer will cover all or only some of your moving costs.

2. Set a moving date.

It helps when you plan ahead, as well as keeping the moving company schedule, your family concerns, work schedule, and weather in mind.  Believe it or not, house moving has an impact on your moving-out expenses. Those who move on weekends, holidays, or in the coming summer could encounter higher demand, less mover availability, thus higher rates. But if you choose to move on a weekday during the non-peak moving season, you may have a less expensive move.

3. Make all necessary travel plans.

Long-distance moving almost always needs making travel arrangements, thus be sure to plan your travel well in advance of the move. Booking a plane ticket, renting a car, making a hotel reservation, or making other overnight plans are all things to consider. Some moving companies take more days to deliver your belongings, so make sure you have plans in place for temporary storage.

4. Notify your children’s schools to transfer student records.

Are you relocating with school-aged children? You must notify their new and previous schools. When enrolling your children in a new school, you must also transfer their school records as soon as possible. Other important documents to send to the new school may include recommendation letters, medical records, or proof of immunization. You can also ask the new school about required textbooks as well as extracurricular activities.

5. Plan and transfer your utilities.

Make sure to notify your utility companies of your impending move before you leave. The important utilities include water, gas, electricity, cable, internet, and security systems. Schedule a transfer or installation date if you already have an address in your new state to live at.

6. Pack your bag with essentials for your move.

Moving long-distance means that you will most likely not receive your valuables for an average of seven days after the move. Even if you do it yourself, most of your belongings will be in boxes, making it problematic to get what you need during and right after the move. We recommend packing at least one week’s worth of essentials in a suitcase. That is why pack your first aid kits, shoes, clothing, toiletries, or a snack should all be included in your bag.

7. Request an ETA from the movers.

Are the movers and packers already on the road? If you haven’t heard from them (or seen your belongings) in a few days, try giving them a call and check-in with the movers of their estimated time of arrival (ETA). This way, you can organize your schedule around your move-in date and ensure that you are present when the movers arrive.

8. Hire a handyman.

When relocating, it is common practice to hang art, hooks, and other items on the walls. It could also imply making minor repairs or replacing fixtures. When you move, make sure to find a reliable and reputable handyman so that you can get these tasks completed as soon as possible.

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