Not Just Talking the Talk…

by | Jul 1, 2020 | Uncategorized

The “Green” in Good Green doesn’t just mean reusable moving boxes; it goes far past that. That’s why we have taken steps beyond just trying to reduce the environmental footprint of your move and committed ourselves to actively improving the world around us. 

One of the ways we give back is by donating 1% of all profits to a charity of your choice. What that means is when you choose Good Green, you’re not only getting the highest quality moving service around, but also helping support one of the causes closest to you. We have also committed to planting 10,000 redwood trees in an effort to rebuild habitats and actively support Save the Waves, an organization devoted to protecting coastal resources.

So, what can you do to help?


One way you can help make the Bay Area more environmentally friendly is by donating to any of the nonprofits working to combat climate change, such as the Sierra Club, Pacific Institute, or the Natural Resources Defense Council. All of these nonprofits are committed to protecting the environment and earth’s resources, just as Good Green is. 


A second way to help your environment is to volunteer with local groups like the Surfrider Foundation. A group committed to keeping trash and plastics out of the ocean. They host three beach cleanups a month and have had 12,134 volunteers to date. This is a good way to give back without breaking the bank, and can help keep local beaches free of debris that could eventually make its way into the delicate ocean ecosystems.   


Hire Good Green Moving for your next move. While moving can often be hard on the environment we at Good Green have taken every step necessary to minimize our carbon footprint. So please, join us and let’s make the world good and green together.

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