Best Neighborhoods in Petaluma

by | May 14, 2019 | Petaluma movers

The housing market in Petaluma is intense right now as more and more Bay Area families desire to live in this charming area of Sonoma County. One of the best things about moving to Petaluma is that it embraces a delightful array of lifestyles within its borders and you’re sure to find the perfect spot to place your welcome home mat. Read on for four of the best neighborhoods in Petaluma to check out if you’re thinking about making Petaluma your home.

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#1: Downtown: History, culture, and more

Unlike many of the old neighborhoods in the San Francisco Bay Area, Petaluma’s downtown area resists the destructive power of earthquakes because the downtown area rests on granite bedrock. As a result, Downtown Petaluma contains blocks and blocks of (1) gorgeous architecture, (2) vibrant shopping, (3) restaurants, (4) theater, and (5) art exhibits. Indeed, if you want to live near the pulse of Petaluma, you can’t do any better than to buy a place in Downtown.

#2: College: A premier walking and biking neighborhood

Although Petaluma isn’t the first town that pops into mind when you’re listing the top Bay Area colleges, we are home to a branch of the terrific Santa Rosa Junior College. The neighborhood around the campus, known simply as College, boasts family homes connected to a beautiful system of walking and biking trails that lead to shopping and medical destinations.

#3: Oakhill Brewster: A haven for historic home enthusiasts

The Oakhill Brewster residential neighborhood sits northwest of the downtown area of the city and treats residents to lovely views of the Downtown and Sonoma County. As one of the earliest housing areas in Petaluma, this is the place to live if you want to buy a bungalow or Victorian-era home.

#4: Midtown: Embrace mid-century modern

Like many communities in the Bay Area, Petaluma saw a post World War II housing boom during the 1950s, and you’ll find numerous examples of mid-century modern homes in the Midtown neighborhood. Convenient access to Highway 101, along with a future SMART train stop, makes commuting across the San Francisco Bay to jobs in San Francisco, a doable option for local homeowners. Midtown is a favorite housing location for first-time homebuyers and empty nesters.

Search for the best neighborhoods in Petaluma

The best way to begin searching for your next neighborhood is to spend time driving and walking through the variety of communities found in Petaluma. Make sure that you visit the areas that interest you on different days and times so that you get a feel for how the neighborhood might work for you daily.

Investing in a home is a huge commitment, and you should do your homework on any community that you’re thinking about making your new home. Consider what’s essential to you in a city and then check into how well each part of Petaluma meets your needs. Don’t hesitate to (1) take your time, (2) use an experienced local real estate agent, and (3) talk with people in a prospective neighborhood before you put a down payment on a house.

Fortunately, there are all kinds of best neighborhoods in Petaluma, and you’ll undoubtedly find a place to call home. Good Green Moving is proud to be a North Bay mover, and we can’t wait to help you relocate to Petaluma. Contact us for a stress-free and earth-friendly moving experience.