Why Move to San Rafael?

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Three Reasons to Relocate to San Rafael

Why move to San Rafael? If you’re searching for your next hometown, we’d like to recommend that you choose San Rafael as your new address. We spend tons of time helping people move to this beautiful city in Marin County, and we’d like to share four terrific reasons that you should relocate to San Rafael.

Number 1: Say hello to sunny weather

San Francisco is many things, but no one would ever say that it enjoys endless days of sunshine. If warm, sunny days give you the energy to grab hold of life, you’re sure to appreciate San Rafael’s weather. According to the experts at Weather Spark, San Rafael enjoys months of warm and sunny days each year. With a mere few months of winter each year, the average annual of two hundred and fifty-six days of sun will give you lots of time to bask in the warmth of your new hometown.

Number 2: Minor league baseball

Who doesn’t love baseball? Sure, the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland A’s are the big league attractions in the area, but real fans of the sport know that minor league baseball offers the chance to watch budding superstars play at a fraction of the cost to go to a major league game. The San Rafael Pacifics are an independent baseball club that plays in the Pacific Association of Professional Baseball Clubs. As a resident of San Rafael, you’ll get to cheer on the hometown throughout the summer.

Number 3: Excellent educational options

Excellent schools are undoubtedly the primary reason that many families give for choosing to live in a specific community. Fortunately, San Rafael delivers many top-flight educational opportunities for children and adults within the city.

Children are well-served at a variety of highly ranked public schools located in neighborhoods throughout San Rafael. Examples of the terrific San Rafael schools noted on the Great Schools website are (1) Sun Valley Elementary School, (2) Miller Creek Middle School, and (3) Terra Linda High School.

The communities that make up the San Francisco Bay Area boast some of the finest higher education institutions in the world. You’ll enjoy simple access to colleges throughout the area via public transportation and freeway access available in San Rafael. If you’d like to take classes close to home, Dominican University of California has its main campus in the city.

Number 4: Live in the county seat

San Rafael is the seat of government for Marin County, and as a resident of the city, you’ll live close to your local government headquarters. There’s an old saying that all politics is local and by making your home in San Rafael, you’ll have the opportunity to help improve life for everyone in Marin County.  Read here for information on how you can make a significant difference in your community by volunteering with the City of San Rafael.

Lastly, our list of four fantastic things about this city is just a beginning to answering the question of why move to San Rafael. What it comes down to for many people is that San Rafael offers an outstanding quality of life that embraces all of the best things about living in the Bay Area.

The relocation specialists at Good Green Moving know how to make moving to San Rafael a stress-free experience. Contact us today, and we’ll have you calling San Rafael home in no time.

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