Moving Companies in San Rafael Know Apartment Buildings

by | Apr 2, 2019 | moving company san rafael

Apartment Move-In Tips That Moving Companies in San Rafael Know

Moving Companies in San Rafael Know Apartment Buildings

San Rafael has a wide variety of apartment complexes available to meet the housing needs of its growing population of renters. Like many moving companies in San Rafael, Good Green Moving has lots of experience helping people to move into rental units throughout the area, and we’ve picked up six tips that will make it pain-free for you to move into your next apartment.

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Tip #1: Know the rules
Never show up at your new apartment on moving day without planning with the management office at the complex. Large complexes often have rules regarding move-ins, and you’ll get your new apartment life off to a happy start if you know and follow them.

Tip #2: Reserve the date
Did you know that there’s a chance that you’ll need to reserve your apartment move-in date and time? Save yourself the disappointment of trying to move into an apartment that isn’t ready for you yet by scheduling your arrival details well in advance.

Tip #3: Put dibs on the service elevator
If you’re moving into an elevator building, it’s essential to sign up for the exclusive use of the service elevator while you’re transporting your belongings into the building.

Tip #4: Hire a local moving company
Make life easy for yourself and hire a local moving company to transport your packed boxes and furniture. Although people sometimes forego a professional mover in exchange for getting a bunch of buddies who will perform a move for pizza and beer it’s almost always a better idea to go with the professional. Experienced moving companies in San Rafael know the ins and outs of moving into the many different complexes in the area and will transport your stuff safely and cost-effectively.

Tip #5: Contact your insurance agent
Did you know that your possessions aren’t protected against loss in the event of things like fire and theft unless you purchase renters insurance? At an average cost of less than two hundred dollars a month, renters insurance gives you the restful feeling that comes from knowing that you’ll be able to replace your damaged and destroyed possessions in the event of a disaster. Another perk of a renters insurance policy is that it pays for you to relocate when building repairs make your apartment unlivable temporarily.

Tip #6: Make new friends
Let’s face it; living in an apartment community is more fun if you have friends. The key to making friends in your new digs is showing up at social activities in your new neighborhood. Many of the modern apartment developments host happy hours and other organized tenants get-togethers. Even if your complex is less socially forward, it pays to plan things like (1) potluck, (2) movie night, and (3) wine tasting evenings for you and your neighbors.

Lastly, as one of the moving companies in San Rafael, we’ve seen first hand what goes into a stress-free apartment move-in. Using our six tips is a terrific way to ease into your next apartment. Contact Good Green Moving for help with all of your apartment moving needs.