5 Tips for Long Distance Moving In San Rafael

by | Mar 21, 2019 | movers San Rafael

Plan for long distance moving in San Rafael

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Did you take a terrific new job in another state and now you’re feeling an uncomfortable worry in your stomach as you realize that you’re going to need to relocate? Any move is stressful, and a long distance has the potential to make you sick to your stomach with nerves. You can stop worrying because we have five tips for long distance moving in San Rafael that will make your upcoming move more manageable.

#1: Start planning early
There’s no getting around the fact that moving across state lines takes a considerable amount of planning if you hope to avoid last minute panic. The best time to begin planning is as soon as you know that relocating is in your near future. You’ll save time and cash if you take the time to prepare every step of the move.

#2: Downsize your belongings
Perhaps the most invigorating part of moving into a new town is the chance to recreate your life, and there’s no better place to start the process than by shedding the belongings that you no longer need. Consider donating and selling everything that won’t fit into your new lifestyle.

#3: Find a moving company
It takes a top quality mover to safely and efficiently transport your belongings over many miles.  You might have successfully switched apartments in San Rafael with help from a few friends from work, but you’ll need the expertise of a professional moving company for a long-haul move. Consumer Reports recommends that you (1) research, (2) interview multiple movers, (3) know your moving rights, and (4) consider purchasing insurance to protect your possessions throughout the move.

#4: Arrange car transportation
Are you planning to drive your car to your new location? If not, you’ll want to make arrangements to transport it to your new home well in advance of your moving date. Unfortunately, the auto transport industry is rife with bad businesses, and it’s a terrific idea to research a candidate for your business before you sign a contract.

#5: Pets need extra planning
Moving is stressful and planning for long distance moving in San Rafael with your four-footed family member adds another layer of concerns to your moving plans. Whether you’re planning to drive the family car or fly on a commercial airliner to your new home, it’s imperative that you know the rules regarding transporting pets. Trust us; the very last thing that you and your beloved dog want is to try and book an airline ticket at the last minute only to learn that the airliner won’t allow your one hundred pound huskie to fly due to dangerously cold weather at your destination.

Lastly, although planning for long distance moving in San Rafael might seem daunting at first, it’s possible to make your move less stressful through careful planning. Always remember that you’ll never regret spending too much effort planning your long distance move.

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