Use Your Smartphone to Find the Best Movers in Petaluma

by | Mar 15, 2019 | movers petaluma

Online Resources for Finding the Best Movers in Petaluma

Are you getting ready to move in Petaluma but you’re too busy working and enjoying life in Sonoma County to search for a reputable moving company? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with advice on how to find the best movers in Petaluma with your smartphone.

Know what you want before you unlock your phone
Before you pick up your smartphone, you can save time in the long run by making a list of everything that you might need from a moving company. It’s possible, for example, to hire a moving experience that includes  (1) packing and unpacking your belongings,(2) trips to and from a storage facility, and (3) assembling furniture and electronic devices. On the other hand, you might hope to save money and have the moving company transport your boxed belongings to your new home.

Smartphones and the best movers in Petaluma
Once you’ve composed a list of your moving requirements, it’s time to take advantage of technology to find the best movers in Petaluma. In many ways, using the internet to locate a mover isn’t much different from looking online for any other type of business. Do your research and read everything with a healthy skepticism to make a smart decision. Your smartphone makes searching

  • Your contacts- Send a quick note asking the people who you know in the area for moving company recommendations. People here change residences reasonably often, and you’re likely to get some terrific feedback from trustworthy sources.
  • Business websites- Most top quality moving companies keep up-to-date, and you can find the answers to many of your questions on the mover’s website. Always look for evidence that the mover holds a (1) business license, (2) bond, (3) insurance, and (4) appropriate registration numbers.
  • Government- Moving companies who transport goods across state lines possess a USDOT Number issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. A California based mover should have a registration with the California Public Utilities Commission. Make it a point to check the background of a potential mover with each database.
  • Social networking-Of course, you regularly use websites like Yelp to find many of the businesses that you frequent. Use the experiences of your fellow Sonoma County residents to make an informed decision.

Make contact with a selection of moving companies
All of your smartphone sleuthing will lead you to a collection of moving companies that fit your needs. The California Attorney General recommends that you always meet with moving companies in person before you sign a contract. So, protect yourself and your wallet by listening to the advice and using your phone to schedule an in-person appointment.

Here is information on things to ask a moving company.

Lastly, using your smartphone is a terrific way to put together a list of the best movers in Petaluma. Indeed, enlisting the power of the internet to find a mover saves you time and helps you to make an educated choice when it comes to hiring a company to transport your most cherished belongings.

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