The Best Movers in San Rafael Know How to Make Your Dog At Home

by | Mar 14, 2019 | movers San Rafael

The Best Movers in San Rafael Have 5 tips for settling in with a dog

Are you planning a move with your furry best friend? Moving to Marin County with your dog is easy if you make the time to help everyone in your family settle into the area. The best movers in San Rafael are experts when it comes to moving with pets and here are five terrific ideas for helping your best friend to fall in love with life in the North Bay.

#1: Choose a dog park

The best dog parks are canine gathering spots that promote positive human and dog interactions. One thing that is certain in Marin County is that you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to locating a dog park that best fits your pooch. Check out (1) Field of Dogs, (2) Red Hill Dog Park, and (3) Mill Valley Dog Run.

#2: Take your dog to dinner

What more soothing way can you imagine to end a fun day of exploring the area with your dog than a meal at one of the canine-friendly restaurants in San Rafael?  You’ll find a wide selection of cuisines represented at yummy places that welcome your dog to a table on the patio. Read here for information on eating out with your dog in San Rafael.

#3: Join a Meetup group

Would you like to socialize with your fellow dog lovers in San Rafael? Consider signing up with a Meetup group in the area that fits your needs. Examples of ongoing groups include (1) East Bay Single and Dog Lover, (2) SF Dog Connect, and (3) Squish-Faced Dog Lovers. Meetups are a terrific way for both you and your pooch to make some new friends in your new neighborhood.

#4: Take in some beach time

One of the most soul-invigorating aspects of living in Marin County is the opportunity to spend your downtime on a bunch of terrific dog-friendly beaches. Energetic dogs running on the sandy beaches along the San Francisco Bay genuinely are the most delightful movers in San Rafael. San Quentin Beach is just one of the beautiful places that you and your best friend should explore.

#5: Get back to nature

The Marin Convention and Visitors Bureau recommends a day of hiking at Indian Tree Open Space Preserve in Novato as the perfect place to get back to the wild with your dog. Grab a leash and enjoy a view that will make you ever thankful that chose to live in Marin County.

Read here for more information on hiking with a dog.

Lastly, your dog is a valued member of your family, and it’s normal to worry about how your furry friend will adjust to a new home. Don’t worry; as one of the best movers in San Rafael, we know that dogs are very welcome in this part of the world. We hope that you’ll use our tips as a way to experience the best part of living in the Bay Area with your best friend.

Good Green Moving knows how important your pets are to you and we take extra care to make sure that every moment of the moving process is as stress-free as possible for your entire family. Contact us for complete details on our moving services.