Local Movers in San Rafael Keep Things Local

by | Mar 7, 2019 | movers San Rafael

Using local movers in San Rafael brings big benefits

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Buy local. Did you know buying local is one of the best things that each of us can individually do to maintain the fantastic quality of life that we enjoy in the San Francisco Bay Area? It’s true; here’s why choosing one of the excellent local movers in San Rafael for your next move helps to make sure that our neighborhoods continue to thrive.

Buying local makes an impact

Studies indicate that when you spend money on an independent and locally owned business more of your dollar remains in the community. Along with helping the company to survive,  the American Independent Business Alliance notes that your purchase improves the local economy through

  • The direct impact that comes from a business spending money
  • The indirect effect of other businesses spending that money
  • The induced effects that happen when the employees spend money

Good Green Moving, for example, makes it a point to support other local businesses. As a local moving company, we put the money that we receive from our customers back into the Bay Area economy through direct purchases from other local businesses as well as by hiring locally based employees who will spend their money here.

Additional benefits of hiring local movers in San Rafael

There are a host of valuable reasons to hire a local moving company for your next move. Consumer Reports argues, for instance, that you’re much less likely to get scammed when you trust a local mover with the job of transporting your belongings to your new home.

Another benefit that you’ll reap when you hire a company like Good Green Moving is the sense of calm that results from working with people who live and work in your hometown. You’ll receive the comfort of knowing, for example, that your moving crew is very familiar with navigating a large moving van through the winding roads in Terra Linda.

Top notch local moving companies are also in a better position to meet the needs of a client. An SF Bay Area mover knows, for instance, how important it is to include furniture earthquake strapping to a family living in the San Andreas and Hayward Faults zones.

The best local movers invest in the things that make living in our part of the world a treat. Good Green Moving puts our resources into helping to safeguard the environment. We promise to take a portion of the money that we receive from every moving job and donate it to one of the hardworking nonprofit environmental organizations in our area.

Lastly, there’s no doubt that you help keep the Bay Area communities vibrant every time that you choose to buy from a local company. We hope that you’ll go locally the next time that you need to hire a professional moving service.

Good Green Moving is proud to belong to the San Francisco Bay Area, and we have a long history of successfully moving families throughout the towns the make up this magnificent region. Contact us today and we’ll show you how choosing local movers in San Rafael the obvious choice.