3 San Rafael Moving Company Tips for Downsizers

by | Mar 6, 2019 | movers San Rafael

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A San Rafael Moving Company Urges Downsizers to Donate

Is downsizing into a smaller living space in your near future? Moving your life into a more modest home comes with challenges, and one of the biggest ones is how to squeeze all of your belongings into less space. Here are three San Rafael moving company tips for downsizing into a right size home.

Prepare to pare down your possessions
Let’s face it; property prices throughout the San Francisco Bay Area surpassed jaw-droppingly high years ago, and you’re just happy to have found a place to call home. And, if that place isn’t much bigger than the treehouse that your Dad built for you in your old backyard, you’ll need to make it work.

Often the key to thriving in a tiny living space is paring down your possessions to fit your new house. The pros at Good Green Moving have extensive experience assisting Bay Area families with moves into small homes, and we’ve picked up some excellent tips along the way that will help you with your relocation. Read on for three tips to make downsizing more pleasant.

#1: Do you wear that sweater?
For many people, the simplest place to begin minimizing your belongings is in the closet. Open your closet door and take a hard look at your clothes. Take out every item that you haven’t worn in a while and ask yourself whether you believe that you’ll ever consistently wear any of the clothes again. Donate all of your no-longer-needed clothing items.

Bloom Marin is always in need of gently used clothing for the retail shop.

#2: Share your love of books
If your image of the ideal shopping day involves browsing through the bookshelves at one of the area’s terrific independent bookshops you probably have an excellent collection of books. Take some time to examine your texts to see if you have any that you could share with another reader.

The Friends of the San Rafael Public Library runs a delightful store called Friends Books to support the work of the library. The store welcomes donations of up to three boxes of books during business hours. You can also call ahead to drop off more substantial book donations.

#3: Say goodbye to that old sofa
Every San Rafael moving company has experienced the difficulties that come when a client owns too much furniture. If possible, measure the room dimensions in your new home to make sure that everything fits well in advance of your moving day. You can make a life-changing difference in your community by donating furniture that no longer suits your lifestyle.

The City of San Rafael has information about furniture donation opportunities here.

Lastly, our experience as a long-term San Rafael moving company shows us that the happiest moving experiences come when individuals donate unwanted items to support meaningful causes within the community.

Good Green Moving believes in supporting the organizations that improve the lives of people living in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’ll donate to your favorite environmental nonprofit organization when you choose us for your move. Contact us for complete details about our individualized moving services.