Need a Moving Company? San Rafael Families Know Who To Call

by | Feb 26, 2019 | moving company san rafael

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Things to look for in a moving company San Rafael families trust

Trust us; the hard part is over. You struggled through a stressful, and often miserable, North Bay house hunt, and now it’s time to call a mover. When it comes to contracting with a moving company, San Rafael families look at the following things to separate the outstanding movers from the also-rans.

How much moving help do you need

A full service moving company can meet almost any of your relocating needs. Before you set about looking for a mover, take a few minutes to consider what you’ll need from a moving company. Do you only need help moving your grand piano to your new home across town? Are you’re too busy at work to worry about packing, and you’d prefer a company to box up all of your stuff?  

Whatever your needs, a top-flight moving company gives you plenty of options to customize your moving experience. Good Green Moving, for instance, offers a concierge moving system where you tell us exactly what you desire from us, and we’ll do everything possible to exceed them.

How much can you afford to spend

Let’s face it; moving your household is expensive. However, it’s possible to have a terrific moving experience that doesn’t cost so much money that it makes you wish that you’d never opted to move. Examining your finances to decide how much you can comfortably spend on your moving expenses before you chat with potential movers is a helpful way to stay within a reasonable budget.

Chances are, you’ll receive a variety of cost estimates once you start interviewing potential movers. Do yourself a favor and only consider the ones that promise upfront and transparent pricing. Relocating is stressful enough without the added concern that comes with an uncertain final billing amount.

Also, as with so many decisions in life, try not to go with the lowest bid if the price is the only reason that you’d choose that particular moving company. Make sure that you get a written all-inclusive estimate. Many times, a low bid is deceptive as it doesn’t include everything that will end up on your bill.

Choose an environmentally conscious moving company, San Rafael

With evidence of our fragile and magnificent earth everywhere in the North Bay, many customers today demand environmental accountability from moving companies. Good Green Moving believes that looking out for the environment is essential and going green is our way of life. Look for these signs in a green mover.


  • Biodiesel powered moving vans
  • An environmentally friendly storage facility
  • Reusable packing bins
  • Monetary support of local environmental organizations


Lastly, choosing an outstanding moving company is the foundation of successful relocation experiences. Keep in mind that selecting a moving company San Rafael residents have come to trust is simple when you focus on your needs.

Good Green Moving is committed to serving our customers with best in class environmental moving practices combined with friendly, dependable customer service. Contact us for all of your San Rafael moving needs.