The Best Movers in San Rafael Know About Moving Into a Walk-Up

by | Feb 21, 2019 | movers San Rafael

residential movers san rafael4 Tips From Movers San Rafael for Walk-Ups

Are you freaking out just a little because you just signed a lease on a fantastic third-floor walk-up apartment and you don’t know how you’ll get all of your stuff moved into your new place? You can relax because we’re about to let you in on some tips from the movers San Rafael residents turn to for help in moving into walk-up apartments.

First, let’s assume that you’re not planning to hire a professional moving company like Good Green Moving to do all of the work. Although using a professional mover would undoubtedly make your move easier it is possible to do it yourself if you’re prepared to do more than a fair amount of hard work. That said, here are four things you can do to ensure a smooth move-in.

Pare down your packing needs

How many times do you want to have to trudge up and down three flights of stairs during your move? The key to minimizing the number of muscle straining trips that you’ll need to complete on your moving day is to cull your belonging. Consider donating the (1) clothes, (2) books, (3) furniture, and (4) miscellaneous items that you no longer want cluttering up your life.

Make friends with your future neighbors

It’s always a smart idea to make friends with the people who share your apartment building. However, savvy movers realize that the process of moving into a walk-up building causes an inconvenience to all of the tenants during your move.  If possible, post a notice letting your future neighbors know the date and time that you’ll be transporting your belongings up the stairs so that they know that access to and from the building might be slow during that time.

Reward your moving buddies

Sure, we know that helping your buddy move is part of the code of friendship. Still, helping to heft all of your belongings up multiple narrow staircases can strain even the strongest bond. Keep everyone as calm as possible by

  • Renting appropriate moving equipment
  • Using easily stackable moving boxes
  • Scheduling the move for early in the day
  • Providing delicious food and drinks

Hire a professional mover for the big stuff

One of the surest ways to dampen down your stress level is to hire a professional moving company to handle all of your large furniture. Keep in mind that when it comes to movers, San Rafael pros have tons of experience in navigating the narrow stairwells and cramped hallways present in many walk-up apartment buildings. You’ll discover that it’s quite cost-effective to let the pros at Good Green Moving do the heavy lifting in your move.

Lastly, congratulations on your upcoming move. Finding a suitable living space in the crazy North Bay real estate market is an achievement, and you’ll soon see that all of the hassles that come along with moving into a walk-up were well worth it when you can go home each night and close the door on your hectic San Francisco Bay Area existence.

Good Green Moving is proud that we’re the movers San Rafael families turn to again and again. Contact us today to find out about our individualized and environmentally friendly moving services.