Professional Moving Companies Know Millennial Neighborhoods

by | Dec 18, 2018 | Neighborhoods to Live In

professional moving companies in San FranciscoProfessional Moving Companies Know Popular Millennial Places to Live

Where do millennial’s choose to live in the Bay Area? Professional moving companies have a pretty good idea of the most in-demand neighborhoods since moving people around the Bay Area is our job.

Here are a few of the most desirable places to live if you’re in your 20s and 30s.

Lower Haight
The Lower Haight is a neighbor of the iconic Haight Ashbury area in San Francisco. Locals say that the Lower Haight offers residents all of the quirky shops, vintage record stores, and eateries that you can find in its more famous neighborhood- without the hordes of smartphone camera-wielding tourists.

South Beach
If you like baseball and bars, you’ll love living in one of the newly constructed buildings in South Beach. Residential living in this popular community centers around the San Francisco Giants and AT&T Park. You can also walk to the Caltrain Station for an easy commute to Silicon Valley tech jobs.

Interestingly, although the Dogpatch neighborhood never really fell out of favor with residents, it’s often ignored in favor of more well-known places. Millennials adore this neighborhood because it has (1) easy access to public transportation, (2) a sustainable food vibe, and (3) streets teaming with independent shops and restaurants. An added plus is that the Dogpatch rarely experiences the famous San Francisco fog.

Downtown San Jose
Young professionals sometimes say no to living in San Jose because it feels too suburban. For those trendsetters who’re eager for a more urban experience, downtown San Jose is the no-brainer destination. The neighborhood boasts (1) high-rise condo buildings, (2) easy access to jobs, (3) public transportation, (4) trendy bars, and (5) SAP Center. The ability to walk to San Jose Sharks games and big-name concerts at the SAP Center is a massive bonus for downtown residents.

Piedmont Avenue
Lots of millennial’s cross over to Oakland in search of vibrant neighborhoods that offer the rarest commodity in the Bay Area- affordable housing. While the area around Piedmont Avenue isn’t cheap, it still beats the sky-high rental rates found in similar neighborhoods on the western side of the Bay Bridge.

Piedmont Avenue will enchant you with an incredible variety of ways to enjoy your time off. Take advantage of (1) yummy eateries,(2) shopping, and (3) entertainment offerings along Piedmont. You can even catch an Indie film at the Piedmont Theatre, one of the oldest movie theaters in the Bay Area.

Lastly, with so many terrific neighborhoods in the Bay Area, you’re sure to find your niche. When you do locate the place that you want to call home, you can maintain a happy vibe by contacting us at Good Green Moving for help with all of your relocating needs. We guarantee you a friendly and affordable professional moving experience.

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