5 Way Green Movers Go Green

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Green movers

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Protecting the earth is a full-time responsibility. Fortunately, you don’t need to abandon your environmental ideals during a move. Read on for five ways that green movers go green.

Number #1: Reusable packing containers
Packing your household items into reusable packing containers is one of the most straightforward ways to go green during your move. Cloth shopping bags are handy for transporting all sorts of things to your new home. Load up all of your suitcases and duffel bags with the clothing and personal care items that would have otherwise filled up a typical packing box.

Environmentally focused moving companies, like Good Green Moving, provide sturdy, reusable boxes that suit all of your packing needs. Even better, companies tend to offer competitive prices for customers. So, save yourself some valuable time and money by asking your mover for earth-friendly packing materials.

Number #2: Gently clean carpet
Take a good look at your carpet once the furniture leaves and you’re likely to see evidence that people, and maybe a pet, have lived in the room. Popular Mechanics has terrific tips for safely removing all sorts of stains and messes from carpeting on its website.

Number #3: Deep cleaning tips
Say goodbye to your current home with an eco-friendly deep cleaning. Something is comforting in taking the time to scrub, rub, and shine all of the surfaces that have given shelter to the ups and downs of your life. Check here for a bunch of earth-friendly cleaning tips.

Number #4: Pack a picnic basket
Moving is hard work, and you’ll need healthy food to help power you through a day of moving and unpacking boxes. Instead of running out for a fast-food fix, think ahead and pack up a picnic basket with nourishing eat-on-the-go foods that come from sustainable Bay Area farms. Stock up at one of the delightful San Francisco farmer’s markets.

Number #5: Hire a green moving company
The surest way to make your move a green one is to hire a company that promotes environmental awareness in every aspect of its business. Trust us; we know that they exist because we are one. From using green packing materials to donating money to organizations that safeguard the environment, we make taking care of the places where we all live our corporate mission.

Of course, merely promoting environmental friendliness isn’t the only thing to look for when choosing a moving company. With so many relocation businesses in the Bay Area, it can be difficult to separate the exceptional companies from the hacks. Consumer Reports has excellent suggestions to help you make a wise choice.

Lastly, it’s possible to make your move an environmentally friendly experience if you do a little planning. Give us a call at Good Green Moving, and we’ll help to make sure that your next move is a green one.