5 Things to Ask Movers Near Me

by | Dec 9, 2018 | movers near me

5 things to ask movers near me - jonathan cookHow to Choose the Best Movers Near Me

Picking an outstanding Bay Area moving company is easier when you know the right questions to ask. Here are most common questions asked when people are thinking about 5 things to ask movers near me. 

Number #1: Are you registered to transport household goods within California and across state lines?
Reputable moving companies register with the appropriate governmental agencies, and you can always ask to see a copy of the registration. Check with the California Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair, Home Furnishings, and Thermal Insulation (BEARHFTI) to make sure that any company you are considering holds a Cal-T registration.

If your moving plans take you outside of California, the mover must hold registration with the United States Department of Registration to deliver service across state lines. It only takes seconds to verify the registration online.

Number #2: Do you carry insurance to protect my property from loss and damage?
Don’t assume that you’ll receive payment for lost and damaged property. Ask the mover what type of insurance it offers and if there is an additional cost to purchase the insurance. It’s also worthwhile to check with your homeowner or renter’s insurance policy to see if it covers your household goods while in transit from one location to another.

Number #3: Who works on your moving crew?
The moving company industry varies widely in the quality of the moving crew team members. Look for a company that employs its people to staff the crews. That way, you can relax knowing that the workers are (1) background checked, (2) qualified, and (3) trained to perform all of the tasks necessary to safely and efficiently move your belongings.

Number #4: What kind of storage is available?
Storage facilities, like every other part of the moving industry, vary significantly depending on the quality of the company. For example, we take pride in offering customers of Good Green Moving access to a vast storage warehouse that provides (1) security, (2) climate control, and (3) earth-friendly amenities at an affordable cost. Don’t forget to ask a mover if there is a maximum amount of time that goods may stay at a facility.

Number #5: Do you offer a unique service for extra value items?
Do you have valuable items, such as an antique dining room table, that require gentle transporting? Take the time to ask how a prospective mover will handle your cherished possessions. Full-service moving companies often have experts on hand to control the carrying of high-value items.

Finally, choosing a terrific moving company doesn’t need to take guess-work if you make sure to ask the right questions. Use our five questions as a starting point and don’t be afraid to keep asking questions until you’re comfortable that you have found the right mover. Contact us for a no-obligation estimate and description of how Good Green Moving can meet your moving needs

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