Settling Into Your New Home: Tips from a Moving Company San Francisco Trusts

by | Nov 29, 2018 | moving company in San Francisco

Relocating tips from a moving company San Francisco trusts

Relax. Now that you’ve unpacked the hardest part of moving to San Francisco is over, and you can start exploring one of the most exciting places on the planet. Here are some settling in tips from a moving company San Francisco residents trust for straightforward advice.

Tip #1: Learn the public transportation system
Forget about driving a car here. The chances of finding a legal parking place are next to zero on many streets and paying for a space in a parking garage is a sure budget destroyer. One of the keys to falling in love with San Francisco is learning to live like a local, and the people who call this place home don’t drive a car very often.

Fortunately, we have a terrific public transportation system that makes getting around town simple. Between the (1) cable cars, (2) Muni buses, (3) streetcars, and the (4) light rail system, you’re never more than a few quick stops from your destination. You also have easy access to the Bart and Caltrain to get to areas throughout the Bay Area.

Check out the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency website for a complete introduction to getting around in San Francisco.

Tip #2: Bring your appetite to a farmer’s market
San Francisco is a very urban place, and visitors are often surprised to find out how interested locals are in farming and locally grown food. Thousands of hungry residents attend the weekly farmer’s markets held throughout the area. Each one has a unique flavor, and it’s a great idea to visit each market until you find one that fits your appetite.

Three of the most visited farmer’s markets are (1) Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market, (2) Heart of the City Farmers Market and (3) Fillmore Farmer’s Market. Read HERE for the food scoop.  We’ve been around the block in our day as a moving company in San Francisco, so you can trust our take on these most visited farmer markets. 

Tip #3: Adopt a pet
Did you know that San Francisco has more dogs than children? While owning a dog in a tiny apartment might seem challenging, you’ll see dogs happily living in every neighborhood. A whole variety of pet-centered businesses exist to help make sharing your life with a beloved pet easier.

Don’t worry if you’re still searching for a pet to steal your heart. There is an extremely active pet rescue and rehoming network in the Bay Area, and you’re sure to find a new friend at a local animal shelter and pet adoption event.

The San Francisco SPCA should be your first stop on your pet search. The SPCA is both an animal shelter and a full-service veterinary hospital. This wonderful organization is entirely local and has saved many, many thousands of lives over the last 150 years. Visit adoptable pets at the Mission and Pacific Heights adoption centers.

Finally, welcome to San Francisco. You’ve chosen to move to a vibrantly diverse community where everyone is welcome. Dive into the local life of your new neighborhood right away, and you’ll feel like a real San Franciscan sooner than you can imagine.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at Good Green Moving for all of your future moving related needs.