Take Some Advice from Local Movers in San Francisco and Take a Break

by | Nov 10, 2018 | movers San Francisco

movers in San FranciscoLocal Movers in San Francisco Know Stress-Free Moves

Let’s face it; moving is not the most relaxing experience. Along with packing up dozens of moving boxes, a dizzying amount of relocation details that need attention. Before the business of moving overwhelms you, take some advice from other local movers in San Francisco and do something nice for yourself.

The thing with trying to treat yourself in the midst of a move is that money is often in short supply. Don’t let tight funds keep you from practicing self-care; focus instead on minimal and no-cost ways to pamper your spirit during this stressful time.

Visit a Tea House
There is nothing quite as soothing as an aromatic tea and the calm feeling that comes from holding the steaming cup of your favorite beverage in your hands. Fortunately, San Francisco is a tea lovers paradise, and you’ll have your pick from plenty of beautiful tea houses located throughout the City. Some of the most well-known establishments are Asha Tea House, Mourad, and Lovejoy’s Tea Room.

Appreciate Art at the Legion of Honor
The Legion of Honor houses some of the most outstanding works of art in the world and is a perennial must-see for visitors to San Francisco. Stroll through the grand Beaux-Arts building with its exquisite view of the Golden Gate Bridge and soak in the creative inspiration and artistic genius on display. You can visit the Legion of Honor for free on the first Tuesday of the month.

Go to Golden Gate Park
With over 13 million visitors each year, you definitely won’t feel lonely if you visit Golden Gate Park. However, this iconic San Francisco park is vast enough to offer a sense of serenity to everyone who enters into its natural and cultural environments. Take time out from packing boxes to explore the gardens, museums, and walking trails that make up the more than 1,000-acre park. It doesn’t cost any money to visit the Golden Gate Park, and, even more, delightful than that, is that a visit to this prized jewel of San Francisco is sure to remind you of why you chose to live here in the first place.

Walk the Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge connected San Francisco to Marin County in 1937 and quickly became an iconic symbol of San Francisco. We can’t think of any more purely San Francisco treat than walking across the bridge. Pedestrians can walk the 1.7 miles across the Golden Gate Bridge during daylight hours. You’ll walk on the eastern side of the bridge and experience phenomenal views of the San Francisco Bay and the City. Can you believe that this fantastic treat is free of charge?

Lastly, moving doesn’t need to be super stressful. To ward off sleepless nights make sure that you take the time out from packing to relax and enjoy some of the incredibly low cost and no-cost activities in San Francisco. Another terrific way to keep your moving stress to a minimum is to hire us to handle all of your moving needs. CONTACT Good Green Moving today, and we’ll show you how our top-notch service leads to a stress-free moving experience.