Are There Any San Francisco Movers Near Me Who Know San Jose?

by | Nov 3, 2018 | San Francisco movers

san francisco near me know the bay areaSan Francisco Movers Near Me Know the Bay Area

Do you find yourself asking where the San Francisco movers near me are going? Chances are they are joining the growing number of San Franciscans who are fleeing astronomic housing prices and exhausting daily commutes to jobs in the Valley by moving to San Jose. The largest city in Northern California might not have the unique charm of San Francisco, but it does offer residents a terrific quality of life. That’s why it’s important to think “Do San Francisco movers near me know the bay area” if you plan on moving to a new area in the bay. 

Like much of the Bay Area, San Jose has a local vibe. However, don’t let the suburban feel trick you into thinking that life in San Jose is boring. Here are just a selection of the places that will cause you to fall in love with this terrific location.

Exhilarating Professional Hockey
Even though the Bay Area only rarely sees snow and ice, San Jose is home to the San Jose Sharks. The Sharks are usually one of the best teams in the National Hockey League, and the hockey team enjoys a rabid fanbase that fills the seats at the SAP Center for every home game.

Luxurious Shopping & Dining
Santana Row was designed to give visitors the feeling of strolling through a quaint European village. The development boasts more than 50 upscale shops and 30 eateries, along with a movie theater and a boutique hotel. Santana Row offers even more socializing opportunities through an extensive activities calendar that includes such happenings as live music and yoga on the Santana Row Park.

A Famous Haunted House
The story of the Winchester Mystery House is that the widow of the founder of the Winchester rifle company, Sarah Winchester, was so haunted by the unhappy spirits of those people who fell at the hands of a Winchester firearm that she continually added rooms to her Victorian-era mansion until she died in 1922. Regardless of whether ghosts spurred on the construction at the house, the Winchester Mystery House is a unique and intriguing home. There are at least 160 rooms, and such oddities as staircases that go nowhere, in the over 24,000 square foot home. Today, you can explore the Winchester Mystery House through guided tours of the home and grounds. San Jose families especially enjoy taking the special Halloween tours of the property.

A Vast Open Air Market
Families have flocked to the San Jose Flea Market for over 50 years in search of bargains and exciting finds. The market is far more than merely a place where hundreds of vendors sell their goods. Indeed, mixed in with the vendor stalls is an amusement arcade and multiple restaurants. A visit to the San Jose Flea Market is an experience that brings people together from all over the city.

Lastly, San Jose is a vibrant multicultural community that gains substantial energy from its location in the center of Silicon Valley. Relocating to the area gives you easy access to a variety of exciting activities. When it comes time to plan your San Jose move, we hope that you’ll give us a CALL. Good Green Moving knows the Bay Area, and we delight in helping San Francisco movers with all of your moving needs.