Bay Area Moving Companies Know Small Moves

by | Oct 29, 2018 | bay area movers

bay area movers make apartment moving easyBay Area Moving Companies Make Changing Apartments Simple

You know that moving companies are experts in helping families make long distance moves. However, did you know that Bay Area moving companies are also experts in assisting residents to change apartments in San Francisco? Indeed, our company makes a living helping people relocate from one apartment to another in San Francisco. Keep reading for tips on what we’ve learned from thousands of small moves.

In many ways, a small move isn’t that much different from a cross-country one. After all, both types of moving situations require you to box up your belongings and find a way to move them to your new residence. Still, because a small move often seems less intimidating, it’s easy to procrastinate your short distance move into a stressful headache. A little bit of upfront organization will help keep your change of address manageable.

Tip #1: Shed Your Unwanted Belongings
Take advantage of your upcoming move to get rid of all of the stuff that you’ve accumulated over the years that no longer holds a place in your heart. Empty your over-stuffed drawers, cabinets, and closets. Sort through your novels and donate the ones that you don’t want to read again to the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library. Overall, think of your move as weight and make it a point to reduce the total weight by donating unwanted items.

Tip #2: Use Reusable Packing Boxes
Do you ever think about how many cardboard packing boxes end up in a landfill? You can avoid contributing to the landfill crisis by using reusable packing boxes. Try using cloth shopping bags, duffel bags, and suitcases to pack clothing and linens. We also rent sustainable moving boxes that work perfectly for small moves. CONTACT us for more information about our Good Green Moving Boxes.

Tip #3: Hire a Professional Mover
It’s tempting to hire a moving van and try to round up a group of friends to help you relocate. However, in our experience, hiring a moving company is very cost-effective and helps to ensure that your belongings stay safe during transport. You can save money by doing the household packing yourself and letting the professional mover handle the boxes and furniture.

Tip #4: Invest in a Professional Cleaner for Your Move-Out Cleaning
One of the most nail chewing parts of renting an apartment in the San Francisco Bay Area is jumping through hoops to get your deposit returned at the end of your lease. The key to receiving your complete deposit often rests on the condition of your former home when you leave it.

Why not splurge on a professional cleaning service to perform the hard cleaning? Professional services are bonded and insured, and the cleaners are experts in delivering top-notch move-out cleaning services. Say goodbye to your old home by treating it to an expert cleaning that is practically guaranteed to result in the return of your deposit.

Lastly, small moves have a sneaky tendency to cause significant stress. Bay Area moving companies, such as Good Green Moving, spend a substantial part of our time assisting people in relocating within San Francisco. Following our small move tips will ease your moving journey. CONTACT us for a no-hassle chat about your small move today.