A Bay Area Moving Company You Can Trust

by | Oct 3, 2018 | bay area movers

bay area moving companyImagine mentioning to a group of friends over a cup of coffee at Caffe Trieste that you need to find a local mover. We can pretty much guarantee that you’ll receive loads of vocal opinions, and even some pretty scary moving company stories, in reply. The sad fact is that the moving industry is rife with shady businesses that give all of us a suspect name. Keep reading for tips on finding a trustworthy Bay Area moving company.

So, Who is the Best Bay Area Moving Company?

Is there really a thing as the best Bay Area moving company? Maybe not. Although we do believe that Good Green Moving offers superior service and highly competitive rates to our Bay Area customers, we know that our company isn’t the only reputable mover in the area. All of the top flight movers do share common characteristics, however, for delivering high quality moving services.

Most of the stomach-dropping awful tales of moving woe are the result of poor service from a less than reputable company. You can avoid losing sleep over your relocation by contracting with one of the terrific moving companies working in the Bay Area. Experts recommend that you look for the following things when you’re choosing a Bay Area moving company.

Tip #1: What Do Your Friends Say?
People are continually changing residences in the Bay Area, and your friends most likely have lots of experience working with different moving companies. Ask your coffee mates who they would recommend you use for your move.

Tip #2: What Do the Experts Say?
Make sure that you only consider working with companies that take the time to register with places like the Better Business Bureau and the American Moving and Storage Association. These organizations maintain consumer complaint information that you can access before you make a final decision on a mover.

Tip #3: Does the Company hold Federal Government Registration?
All moving companies that perform interstate transportation must register with the United States Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Once registered, the company receives a Department of Transportation (DOT) number and a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration carrier number. Look for these numbers on the websites and advertisements for any moving companies.

Tip #4: Check for State of California Credentials
Along with Federal registration, legitimate companies doing business in California must have a license from the Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair, Home Furnishings, and Thermal Insulation. Licensed movers must display the Cal-T # on all consumer information. Click here for more information on the regulation of moving companies within the State of California.

Tip #5: Read Consumer Reviews
San Francisco is made up of a very diverse group of super smart people, and one of the many things that we share is a passion for writing and reading online reviews. Don’t forget to learn what your fellow San Franciscans have to say about their experience with a Bay Area moving company. Yelp and similar review sites are a terrific source of unfiltered information.

Lastly, searching for a trustworthy mover might take a little bit of effort, but the result regarding a stress-free move is well worth the sweat equity. Contact us at Good Green Moving and let us introduce you to a fantastic Bay Area moving company.