5 Things You Want from Moving Companies in San Francisco

by | Sep 30, 2018 | moving companies San Francisco

moving companies San FranciscoAre you searching for the best moving companies in San Francisco? Life in the Bay Area is sometimes too hectic and is always overpriced, but one of the hard won perks of living in San Francisco is that you’ll find a plethora of businesses to meet your needs. Follow along as we look at five things that you should look for when choosing a moving company.

Searching for Moving Companies in San Francisco

San Francisco is a unique place where people from all sorts of backgrounds come together to forge a robust community. San Franciscans are smart, opinionated, and tech-savvy. You can take advantage of the particular brand of San Francisco city smarts to make your moving company hunt simple and effective.

One thing that most San Franciscans have in common is that we’re always on the hunt for a more enchanting place to call home. Who doesn’t, for example, long for a view of the Golden Gate Bridge from your living room? The relentless hunt for a terrific and affordable home results in lots of relocating. Regular relocators suggest that you keep these five things in mind when you’re evaluating movers.

Number #1: Reputation
Try to find out what people in your community have to say about any company that you’re interested in hiring. Ask your family and friends for advice. Use your internet skills to read what actual customers say on review sites such as Yelp.

Number #2: Official Record
Along with customer opinions, it’s important to know how accrediting agencies and other official bodies view the company. Moving companies that travel between States register with the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You can access this information here. The Better Business Bureau also maintains a record of complaints regarding specific moving companies.

Number #3: Insurance
It is imperative that your mover carry the appropriate amount of insurance. Too many things can go wrong during a move, and you don’t want to be financially responsible for things that are the fault of the mover. Protect yourself by demanding proof of insurance before you sign a contract.

Number #4: Legitimate Estimate
Many of the terrible stories that you hear about shady moving companies stem from faulty estimates. You can avoid this trouble by getting an estimate from at least three companies. A reputable agent will inspect everything that you want to move before giving you a quote. Top quality movers guarantee that the estimate is either binding or won’t exceed a specific amount. Don’t do business with moving companies that refuse to present you with a detailed written quote.

Number #5: Compare Prices
In a utopian world, every estimate would cover the same things so comparing them would be a snap. Unfortunately, the price quotes often vary in language and layout. Take the time to examine each one so that you understand every single detail. Remember that the lowest price isn’t necessarily the estimate that best fits your needs.

Finally, a successful move takes some planning and research. Be confident in your ability to find the best moving companies in San Francisco. Contact us at Good Green Moving for help with all of your San Francisco relocating needs.