How to Assure Smooth Moving with Movers Bay Area

by | Aug 23, 2018 | movers bay area

Moving to the Bay Area where the world’s leading high-tech companies reside can be an incredible experience. For first-timers, you get a chance to enjoy a unique culture, witness amazing art, and drink endless Napa wines. However, before you think about these wonderful things about living in the Bay area, you need to spend time preparing for your move and making sure that there are no problems during the moving day.

Consider starting your moving preparation at least eight weeks before the scheduled date especially if you are moving from out of state. There could be unforeseen issues from packing to screening movers in the Bay Area or roads being closed due to bad weather or an accident. Having a month or so to plan your move gives you enough time to protect you and your things during the move. Here are four helpful tips on how to manage and prevent any problems when moving to San Francisco.

  1. Hire Only the Most Reliable Movers in the Bay Area

Unfortunately, some moving companies scam unknowing customers. When searching for movers in the Bay Area, you need to establish a set of criteria that will be the basis for your hiring decision. Inquire about the license of the moving company. A professional moving company should have a valid license number. A trustworthy moving company can provide references so you can verify no just their business but also their history with other customers. At Good Green Moving, we employ trained and professional movers who are efficient and expert at handling your things. We provide a free estimate and give packing advice to our customers.

  1.   Get Moving Insurance

Professional moving companies typically provide valuation coverage but to be extra cautious, you can purchase additional moving insurance. This is particularly useful when you are moving valuable items. The additional moving insurance can provide full compensation in case of damage or loss of items. The cost of repair or replacement can be expensive, and you don’t want to spend more money outside of your moving budget.

  1.   Take Photos and Inventory Of all Belongings

Make a list of the things that you plan to move to your new place. Take photos of the items before and after you pack them. If you can, you can also take a photo of the full truck before it drives away to your new home. Pictures are helpful for inventory purposes. You will know instantly if one of the twelve boxes have gone missing or if the furniture has been scratched during the move. You can use these photos as evidence to claim liability or insurance.

  1.   Pack Carefully

Packing can be tricky especially if it’s your first time. You might think that you don’t need more boxes and the tapes you have are enough. However, you notice that you have more glasses and plates than ever and you need a protective cloth or bubble wrap to pack them safely. You can avoid damage if you know how to protect your things adequately. If you need to buy more storage boxes or use additional sheets, then you should not hesitate to do it.