San Francisco Movers’ Advice for Moving Furniture

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Moving Advice from San Francisco Movers

Furniture pieces are tricky. They consume a lot of space and are not the lightest object to carry around. If you lift one, you better have an idea where to put it or else you will strain yourself. There is a reason why you don’t move around your furniture often.

They might get scratched, bumped into another furniture, or some parts might break. These are some of the reasons why moving them to a new home can be challenging and stressful. Handling a sofa is not the same as handling a glass coffee table. You worry about getting the former dirty while the latter being broken.

Therefore, when searching for San Francisco movers, you should only look for trained professionals. At Good Green Moving, we have expert movers who know exactly how to pack, load and unload different types of furniture. We have special packaging materials to add a protective layer to these fragile items. Here are four tips on how to handle furniture items when moving them to a new house.

  1. Disassemble the Parts

Some furniture items have removable parts like a stand or cushion. You can always pack them separately to make sure that they will not get lost or come off during the move. For instance, a dining table with removable legs can be difficult to lift or lug through a doorway. Also, they will consume unnecessary space in the truck. Instead, you can take apart the legs and wrap them separately. This way, San Francisco movers can easily carry the tabletop out of the house and into the truck. The same can be applied to shelved, shoe racks, drawers, and knobs.

  1.   Wrap the Furniture

Wrap the furniture to protect the surface and corners from getting scratched or broken. Unused blankets, sheets, and other fabric materials are usually the cheapest way to protect your furniture. For fragile items, you might want to consider getting boxes with sufficient structure or a crate that can hold valuable furniture pieces safely. If you are going to use tape, make sure you use them not on the furniture itself but on bubble wraps or heavy-duty plastic wraps to avoid leaving any marks.

  1.   Create a Plan on Where Furniture Items Should Go

If you are moving to a new house or apartment, then, you must have an idea of how the layout looks like. To be precise, it is always better to sketch the layout and determine where each of the furniture will go. You can share this information with the movers to use as a reference when unloading items off the truck. This will save you time and effort when the furniture items are already in the correct spot when you start to unpack and organize everything else in your new house.

  1.   Don’t Drag the Furniture

No matter how bulky the furniture items are, it is never a good idea to drag them. For one, that could create permanent damage to both the furniture and the floor of your home. Professional movers should have all the necessary tools to move heavy and large items. For instance, a mattress sling can be used to carry several large mattresses. Instead of lifting or dragging a dresser out of the door, the movers can use sheets or rags as sliders.