Managing moving day with Mill Valley Movers

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Moving Day with Mill Valley Movers

If you think that preparing for your move was challenging, do not underestimate how hectic the moving day can be. Even if you have secured a schedule with Mill Valley movers and have packed all your things the day before, there are still a few things that could go wrong.  The movers might arrive late due to a prior engagement or traffic. You might forget to pack bathroom essentials hidden in the cupboards.

Several roads could be closed due to an accident or it could rain on that day. Try as you might, but there are things that are not in your control and you just have to be resilient to face them all on moving day. Lucky for you, our professional movers at Good Green Moving have seen most of the bad days that you can rely on us to be resourceful and extra careful on moving day. Here are a few things that you might want to consider when moving to a new place.

  1.   Wake Up Early

Even if the movers are scheduled to arrive in the afternoon, there is no harm is waking up early and having hours of preparation time. Get a good night sleep the night before and set an alarm early in the morning. Take the time that you have in the morning to eat breakfast, take a shower, and pack some of the things that you recently used. It also doesn’t hurt to call your movers to confirm their arrival on that day. Write a short note on how you want things to be handled.

  1.   Have Food and Drinks Available All Day

Breakfast doesn’t cut it anymore. Moving day is going to be very busy. You’ll be moving in and out of rooms to check if everything has been loaded to the truck. After all the items have been unloaded to your new home, you’d still be walking in and out of the house to check that nothing is left in the truck. You’ll get hungry and thirsty throughout the day. Therefore, you should pack a few sandwiches, a ton of water, and other snacks for you and the movers to keep you satiated.

  1.   Be Alert

Movers are trained at what they do. They know how handle large furniture and appliances and they have the tools to carry them. However, that doesn’t mean that nothing will go wrong. There could be an extra step at the front door that a mover fails to notice and he might trip over hurting him and damaging your things. Even if you’re not the one doing all the lifting, you should still be alert enough to supervise and give instructions when necessary. Point doors, corners, and stairs to the movers as a heads up.

  1.   Final Checks

Once the movers have loaded all your items into the van, don’t let them drive away yet. Spend a few minutes checking every room, every drawer, and every shelf for anything that you might have forgotten to pack. If you are leaving any appliances, make sure that they have been unplugged. Lock the windows and the doors before you leave.