Deciding What to Keep, Sell, or Donate

by | Jun 7, 2018 | movers bay area

So, you’ve started to get ready, pack your things and hire Bay area movers a few weeks before your moving day. It’s a practical thing to do if you have a lot to go through. Then, you stumbled upon your attic full of boxes with who knows what’s in them. Perhaps this is a sign that you need to start getting rid of some of the things you own and not bring them to your new place. Here are some of the things you might consider selling or donating.

1. Media or Outdated Electronics

Old CDs, DVDs, game installers, and even books that you haven’t picked up for a year or two will probably experience the same fate when you bring them to your new house. They will collect dust and end up stored in the attic. Besides, you can always get albums of your favorite singers or copies of your all-time favorite movies and TV shows digitally. If you have some time to spare, you can sell them online either individually or in boxes.

2. Old and Unused Clothes

Old coats and dirty jackets that have been stored at the back of your closet can be sold or donated to thrift stores. Clothes that no longer fit or are out of season are a great candidate for donation. A less challenging way to this is to regularly go through your wardrobe, pick up one item at a time, and decide whether you can see yourself wearing it in the foreseeable future. If not, then put them in the “to sell” or “to donate” box. You can bring the box the next thing you visit a thrift shop.

3. Toys

Toys are some of the best things to donate especially to children on holidays. Kids tend to collect different types of toys as they grow up. When they no longer enjoy playing one toy, you do not have to throw it right away. You can put them back in the box and maybe give it as a present to a less fortunate family that will appreciate the toy.

4. Furniture and Appliances

Furniture and appliances are tough to haul for Bay area movers because of their size and their tendency to get damaged, scratched, or dented in the process. Which is why it’s always a good idea to sell or give away old appliances or furniture that are still functional. Besides, moving to a new home can also mean starting fresh, and there is nothing more refreshing than having new furniture and appliances.

5. Kitchenware

Do you still have that box of glasses wedding stored at the back of the cupboard? How about the set of pots and pans that you cannot use on your induction stove top? You know that you will probably never going to use them in your new home so why not sell them or have your friends or family come over to check them out? You need to optimize your storage space so you should let go of kitchenware items that you will no longer use.