Tips for Unloading Your Items from the Truck

by | Jun 6, 2018 | movers San Francisco

When the wait is finally over, and your moving date has arrived, you will feel mixed emotions of excitement and anxiety. Excitement because after weeks of planning and preparation, you are going to get in your car and drive to your new home. Worry because there are still things to be cautious about while moving. If you need advice on how to keep things organized and running smoothly, don’t hesitate to give our San Francisco movers a call at 1-855-613-4663. We will take care of your moving needs and ensure that your belongings are safe and kept in the same condition that they were in initially. Keep these tips in mind when unloading your items from the truck:

1. Secure the Truck and Pathway into the House

Make sure that nothing is spilling out of storage boxes to prevent your movers from tripping over. Cut any excess ropes or packing tape so they won’t get tangled with other things in the truck. Keep the gate open and the pathway free from any blockage so the movers will not stumble or get into an accident.

2. Unload All at Once

Amateur movers often make a mistake of unloading one item and bringing it into the house and coming back to unload the next one. This can be time-consuming and very laborious. A good strategy is to have more than one mover inside the truck handing the items to other movers. Unload the last thing that was loaded into the truck. Keep all the things in one place either at the side of the street or on the lawn first before moving them into the house. It is more efficient for San Francisco movers to check and verify that nothing lost in the chain. They can also plan better on what furniture or appliance to carry first to maximize their time and strength.

3.Count All Your Things and Inspect Their Condition

Do not lose count of the things that were loaded and unloaded to and from the truck. Make sure that there are no damages or dents in the furniture and appliances. Follow and instruct the movers where to place the items properly. If possible, ask your movers to unload your belongings according to the area in the room where they will be placed eventually.