Things to Leave Behind When Moving

by | Jun 6, 2018 | moving companies San Francisco

Moving always seems like the best time to go through all your stuff and figure out whether they are worth keeping. Our reliable San Francisco movers at Good Green Moving know just what to do to keep the whole packing experience organized without ignoring items that are valuable to us. This may include old photographs, your grandparents’ vase collection, and even a dozen of China flatware that your parents got for their wedding. Keeping these things is a good idea because they bring good memories of your childhood and happy moments in your life. However, there are also things that you are not worth saving and should be left behind when moving.

1. Light and Shelf Fixtures

If you have lived in your apartment for a long time, then you might have done some renovations, however minor, to personalize the theme.  Unfortunately, taking apart those light fixtures that you installed in your dining area or the functional shelves in the bathroom may not be the best decision to make. You’ll need a professional carpenter to carefully remove anything built-i or nailed to the walls without damaging the walls permanently.

2. Old Furniture and Appliances

Old sofa beds, chairs, refrigerators, and other appliances that barely work might not need to be packed and moved to your new house. They are bulky, difficult to maneuver and might even get damaged in the process. Spare your time and money hauling something that you will replace eventually. The San Francisco movers that you hired might even appreciate the fact they will not need to exert extra caution for a heavy furniture that is no longer valuable.

3. Old Documents

Old bills and copies of documents that are no longer useful might be better suited to be shredded that packed all the way to your new house. They will only create more clutter rather than order. Sift through these documents and carry what’s essential. Besides, you probably need to update some of your identification copies at some point in time.

4. Curtains and Tablecloths

Curtains and tablecloths are generally packed for moving. However, it can also be a nice gesture for the next tenant or even to the apartment owner if you leave behind a good and clean curtain to cover the windows once you go.  Curtains are bulky and heavy to carry anyway and might not necessarily fit the windows in your new home.