Going Green with Mill Valley Movers

by | May 21, 2018 | Mill Valley movers

The world is changing rapidly in terms of technology. People are also changing their behaviour and preferences. More and more people are becoming highly mobile. They are more than willing to pay for anything that is fast and convenient enough to keep up with their lifestyle. However, convenience is not always good. Sometimes, convenience comes with a price and that is, unfortunately, our environment. At Good Green Moving, we always strive to do good not just for our clients but for the environment. We believe in sustainability and conservation when it comes to the products that we use and the services that we provide. Here are some of the ways of going green with Mill Valley movers.

1. Avoid Using Plastic

Plastic is on top of the culprits when it comes to damaging our environment. They don’t decompose and will only clog our drains, pollute the air, and cause severe damage to our marine life. There are many ways that you can avoid using plastic. When shopping for groceries, bring your own Eco bag to carry your produce. Instead of using plastic to purchase beans, flour, and rice bring a reusable jar or bottle. If you are packing to move, use biodegradable and recyclable cardboard boxes to store your belongings. Call Mill Valley movers in advance to learn about the materials that they use during the move. Bring a refillable water bottle with you so you don’t have to stop to buy sodas in a plastic bottle.

2. Conserve Electricity

If you know that you have four weeks left to sort everything before you move, then use this time efficiently. This does not mean that you stay up late at night and try to finish packing. This is not sustainable and you will use up a lot of unnecessary electricity. Budget your time properly and schedule packing during the day when there is more natural light. The same goes when you reached your new home and you start to unpack.

3.Support the Local Community

It is always a good thing to support domestic products. Large supermarkets can sell their products at a cheaper price due to mass production. However, it doesn’t tell you the whole story on how the products are handled and delivered before they are displayed in the counters. Once in a while, visit a local farmer’s market to buy your groceries for a week. Not only are you supporting fair trade but you are also helping to promote local and organic food.