Petaluma Movers Packing Your Living Room

by | May 20, 2018 | moving company in San Francisco

The living room is possibly the most cluttered area of your house. This is the part of the room where you and most of your family gather to chat about how your day went. This is the place where you entertain your guests with music, movies, and games. Sometimes, you spend the evening on your couch eating dinner while watching your favourite TV show. Therefore, it should come as no surprise if you will spend the longest time packing your living room. If you have any questions on how to be organised while packing, our expert Petaluma movers at Good Green Moving are more than willing to give you advice for a stress-free moving. Here are some helpful tips on how to pack your entire living room.

  1. Sofa and Coffee Table

The sofa and coffee table are probably some of the biggest and heaviest furniture that Petaluma movers have to haul out of your house. What you have to worry about is getting your sofa dirty or ripped while being carried to the truck. You also don’t want any dents on your coffee table. You can buy huge quantities of wrapping plastic to wrap the sofa completely. If you are looking for a more environment-friendly option, try to put used sheets around the sofa to keep it from being dirty. Like the sofa, you can put a cushion, padding or a bubble wrap around the corners of the coffee table that tend to bump into things.

  1. Entertainment Console

If possible, disassemble your entertainment console so you can properly store the pieces in a box. This will save you a lot of trouble when moving. Just make sure that you know how to put them back together. If your console cannot be disassembled, put a bubble wrap around the edges to prevent any scratches during the move.

  1. Books, Frames, CDs

Don’t be fooled by the neatly stashed books and other decorations on the shelves, you will soon realise just how much stuff there are is in your living area. A rookie mistake is storing all your books in a storage box. Though a book may seem light to you, a hundred of them will not be ideal to put inside a box. The moment, you try to lift it, the box will break apart. You should pack your books, CD’s and frames in a plastic container – one that can hold the weight and keep everything tight and sealed.

  1. Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are tricky especially if you have the tree varieties. You cannot store them in a box and your only option is to carry them and hope nothing heavy tramples into it while in transit. If you have an indoor plant with lots of branches, you may tie around a string just to keep everything in a vertical position.