Packing Tips from Mill Valley movers

by | May 20, 2018 | Mill Valley movers

Most people haven’t quite mastered the art of moving. It can be a long and time-consuming process if you allow it to be. It requires sufficient planning, smooth execution, and a lot of patience from your end. You have to deal with assessing different Mill Valley movers before you can find the right fit. You then have to decide when is the moving date considering the fact that you still have to work. These are minute details if you think about how on earth you can pack everything that you own without damaging at least one of them. If you need help with organised packing, feel free to call us at 1-855-613-4663. We can provide you packing tips and guarantee and smooth and hassle-free move to your new home. One small error can send things into chaos so here are some helpful tips on how to pack your things without breaking them.

1.   Wrap the Dishware and Glasses Individually

Never make the mistake of packing your plates on top of each other without wrapping each one in a soft paper. Don’t stack your drinking glasses on top of each other. If possible, put a crumpled paper inside of the glass before you store them. The friction from the constant movement of the container while in transit can cause your dishware and glasses to break.

  1.   Create a Soft Padding at the Button of the Box

Before you actually put all your breakable items inside the box, make sure that you have enough paper to serve as the bed or cushion for your things. This will absorb more of the shock during the move. You can put your serving trays and other non-fragile metal plates at the bottom to get a flatter layout.

3.   Fill the Box

It is highly recommended that you fill the box when you have fragile items in it. This does not mean that you will put 50 ceramic plates in one medium box. That is suicide and you will break all of them the moment you try to lift the box. Filling the box means that you don’t leave any room for the plates or glasses to knock each other. So, once you have properly placed your collection of champagne glasses in a box, fill the rest of the space with either crumpled papers or soft clothes.

  1.   Unpack from the Top

Don’t rush unpacking all your things. Once you open the box, start by picking the items from the top. Don’t reach the bottom to search for that teacup as you might end up pulling to hard and break all the other things inside the box.