Unpacking Priorities from Movers in Petaluma

by | May 16, 2018 | movers San Francisco

When you finally reached your new home, everything feels new and exciting. With the help of the Petaluma movers that you hired, you can start adjusting to your new home. But before the adrenaline hits you, try to stop for a moment and think how you are going to unpack in the most organized and efficient way possible. You need to unpack first the things that are essential for you to live a normal life again. That might mean that you don’t have to unpack that 50-inch TV just yet. Also, don’t pressure yourself into unpacking everything in one day. There is no need to rush or stay up late just to get all things out of their storage boxes.

At Good Green Moving, we advise that you pack and unpack one room at a time so that you can stay on top of things instead of having all your things out in the open before you are ready. Here are five things that you must unpack first.

1. Kitchen Essentials

You know that unpacking is going to be a long day and you will probably not have enough time do anything else. To conserve your energy, you need to eat and hydrate. Pack a few sandwiches and bottled water with you so that you can quickly grab one when you get hungry. Since you will be unpacking and organizing for a few days, you need to make sure that you can cook with ease. So, unpack your kitchen utensils, dish-ware, cooking pots and pans, and switch on the refrigerator.

2. Cleaning Supplies

At Good Green Moving, we advise that you clean as you go when unpacking. This will keep everything tidy and less overwhelming. Bring some of the essential cleaning supplies such as cleaning wipes, rags, and vacuum. Ask your Petaluma movers in advance what you can pack and bring from your old house to your new house. You can pick up some disinfectants and alcohol at the drugstore near your new house.

  1. Bedroom

Moving can take up an entire day and you deserve to rest and sleep in a comfortable bed. The last thing you want is to end up sleeping on top of all your clothes or next to storage boxes. So, when you’re done unpacking your kitchen, get your bed nice and cosy for when you need to sleep at the end of the day.

  1. Bathroom Paraphernalia

At the end of moving, you will be sweaty, oily, and tired. Unpack all your body care essentials in your new bathroom so you can take a shower and freshen up whenever you need to. Just because you are embarking on a major move, doesn’t mean that you have to ignore taking care of yourself in the process.