Commercial Moving Services in San Francisco

by | May 16, 2018 | moving companies San Francisco

A change of location in office address is a big deal. This is a different ball game entirely from the usual residential moving project. In actual fact, office moving is so complicated that some San Francisco moving companies actually turn down office moving contracts. This can be explained by the complexity of moving the objects and materials in offices- especially if it’s for a large organization.  There are plenty of companies to choose from when looking for commercial moving services in San Francisco, but we believe we’re the obvious choice to move you out of your old office.

First of all, there is the monstrous task of ensuring that office items don’t get mixed up because many offices use almost identical gadgets and fittings such as computers, swivel chairs, file trays, and so on. This requires painstaking attention to detail and extreme meticulousness which the regular team of movers may not be able to keep up with.

Also, there’s the issue of fragility of many office items. Stuff like computers, intercom gadgets, photocopiers, printers, and scanners are all liable to get damaged in transit. The possibility of the occurrence of this is a huge risk that a good number of San Francisco moving companies may not be willing to take due to the fear of legal action and financial liability should the client decide to sue the moving company.

Good green moving company San Francisco, however, stands clearly different in this regard. We have thoroughly studied the requirements for carrying out a successful office moving operation and we have developed a number of procedures, guidelines, and rules which are strictly adhered to by our team of movers that will ensure that every single object, gadget or utensil in your office is safely moved to your new location and properly set in place there.

Over the years as we have handled more and more projects, we have consistently updated, upgraded and improved this set of procedures to enhance our office moving service delivery and to ensure that all is done to the client’s utmost satisfaction. For example, we have detailed processes guiding the movement of either traditional furniture items like tables are chair or the more modern detachable stuff from stores like IKEA. No matter what you want moved, we’ve got you covered and will organize your new office- as well as- even better than the old one.

Filing cabinets, folders, and files are not a problem either, we have a highly structured cataloging system that will ensure that all documents are arranged neatly in place and are delivered to the new location in the exact same assembly- nothing missing, nothing misplaced.

Good Green Moving Company San Francisco is your one stop shop if you’re considering an office relocation. Get in touch with us and it’s as good as done.