Bathroom Packing Tips from Petaluma Movers

by | May 16, 2018 | Petaluma movers

Packing can be a daunting task especially if you have accumulated so much stuff over the last couple of weeks. Calling us in advance at 1-855-613-4663 is always advisable if you want to learn about packing organization techniques. Our Petaluma movers at Good Green Moving will assist you on what packing materials to use for specific items. So, when it’s time to pack your bathroom, you can be confident and assured that nothing will spill or explode. Here are easy bathroom packing tips for your essentials.

Skin Care Products

Though it may seem like skin care products don’t seem that much, they can be very expensive. If possible, sort your skin care products into categories like solids, liquids, face, or body. This might also be the perfect time to go through all the empty bottles that are lying around and you cannot seem to throw away. Once you have decided on what to keep and bring to your new home, pack all of them in a durable container. Once sealed, make sure that you lay the container in a flat surface to avoid spilling.


Prescription medication drugs and liquids should be stored in sealed container. Don’t mix your medicine together with food items. Check the expiration date or if the package is already damaged. Pack your first-aid kit in one bag for easy access. You’ll never know when they will come in handy while you are moving around furniture and large appliances.


Bathroom towels and linens can be packed together with your kitchen towels and rags as long as they are clean. If soft enough, you can even use them as cushion or padding for your fragile items like plates, mugs, and wine glasses.


Bathroom appliances like a hair straightener, blow dryer, and an electric toothbrush should be packed in a dry container. Tie the cords neatly so that they will not get caught tangled together. When you arrived at your new place, don’t unpack them before you finished organizing everything else in your bathroom. This is to avoid accidentally dropping the appliances in a pool of water and damaging them in the process.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies like disinfectants, alcohol and other combustible liquids are generally not allowed to be moved. Call our Petaluma movers in advance to save you time and energy. You may bring paper towels or wet wipes to do some basic and fast cleaning when you have to at your new house.