Free Moving Tips by Mill Valley Movers

by | May 5, 2018 | Mill Valley movers

Effective Moving Tips by Mill Valley Movers

When you think about moving to a new home, you imagine the excitement of buying new appliances and furniture. You imagine painting a wall with a refreshing mint color and you can picture yourself sitting on the couch drinking wine. However, the thought of spending hours and sometimes days organizing and packing your things is already giving you a nightmare. Not to worry, our experienced staff at Good Green Moving have free tips on how you can pack all your things without too much hassle.

First and foremost, give yourself sufficient time to pack. Don’t pack the night before you move if you don’t want to lose any sleep. Moreover, professional Mill Valley movers can easily load and unload your items if they are packed properly. You can also save money by not paying an additional charge for packing. One to two weeks is enough time to pack in an organized way without running into accidents or losing valuable items in the process.

Second, start packing the things that you don’t use daily. This includes sheets, unused chairs, and even some kitchen appliances. On the other hand, prepare the packing materials for those things that you use daily so that you can easily pack them the night before the move. Remember not to pack heavy items on a storage box as they might rip in the process.

Next, label the boxed at the top instead of the side. This way, you can still read what you wrote even if the boxes are stacked on top of each other. If the box contains valuable items, label them as “fragile” so that Mill Valley movers can exercise extra caution. You should also use the right materials to carefully pack each household item. Take advantage of bubble wraps, used newspapers, extra towels and even bed sheets to provide a cushion to breakables items.