Selecting the Right Moving Company

by | Apr 22, 2018 | moving company Novato

Find the Right Moving Company Near You

You’ve finally made the big decision. After weeks or possibly months or even years of mulling over the issue and considering various factors and viewing the matter from different perspectives, you finally decided on moving from your current location- either business or residential. You’ve prepared the kids mentally for this and sold them the idea of new friends and a nice environment. Now it’s time to start thinking about selecting the right moving company for you and your family.

There’s no way about it, with this move you’ll have to choose a moving company to help get settled in your new place. This is another big issue in its own right as you’ve either not moved before or your last experience with moving and moving companies wasn’t a nice one. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Below are a couple of tips on what you should watch out for and consider when wanting to find the right Novato, CA moving company to help you haul your stuff either within the city or out of town.

  •         Reputation: Like they say, “anecdote is the plural of data”. If many people are saying something, then there’s a good possibility that it is right. Ask around and sample the opinions of people about the company. At Good green Moving, we have the best reviews and comments from previous clients who just couldn’t believe how awesome our service delivery was.
  •         Customer relations: How courteously were you treated on the phone when you called to make enquiries? Does the company representative sound genuinely concerned in helping you move conveniently or are they just about the money? The answers to these questions will go a very long way in determining whether a Novato moving company is right for you or not. If they can’t treat you politely or be patient enough to answer your questions, there is almost no likelihood that they will handle your property and possessions with care during the process of moving. Good Green Moving has a strict “customer comes first” policy. We are totally committed to putting you at ease and patiently answering all your enquiries about the moving process.
  •         Strategy: This is another significant pointer in trying to determine the right moving company to hire. What’s their plan, do they want to just dump your stuff in a vehicle, ferry it to your new location and unload it? That’s definitely a flawed plan and you should stay away from a company like this. At Good Green Moving, we have a structured system that categorizes and files each object making it easy to locate and arrange your new home into something similar to what you had before.

Either or not you live in Novato, these principles will guide you in selecting a moving company anywhere in the world. If you’re moving to or from Novato and its environs however, Good Green Moving company is your ultimate choice.