Storage Tips From Our Local Movers

by | Apr 16, 2018 | moving companies San Francisco

The Importance of Storage During a Move

Some of the most difficult things to pack when moving are household items like cleaning materials, dishes and utensils, pots and pans, food containers, and so on. Their shapes are odd and different from each other. And when you do finally get them to fit inside a box, there is still a chance that several glasses get broken or chipped; plastic storage containers are deformed, and small appliances are scratched. At Good Green Moving, you can find a lot of helpful packing and organization tips that help you save time and money. With sufficient preparation, you avoid any problems during the move. To make the entire process less stressful, here are some storage tips from our local movers.

  1. Make Use of Empty Spaces

Possibly one of the smartest tips when it comes to packing is to make use of empty storage or containers. For example, you can store spoons, forks, and smaller knives in empty food storage. This way, you can keep everything tight and sealed in one place while making use of the containers. You can also store spices and condiments the same way.

  1.    Wrap Fragile Items with Washcloth and Towels

If you have a collection of expensive plates and wine glasses, you have to be extra careful about how you pack them so they don’t break during the move. Bubble wraps usually help in keeping kitchen wares safe however, they can get very expensive. If you run out of bubble wraps, you can use dishcloth and towels. The material will add extra cushion to your household items. In some way, they are better than a bubble wrap or a regular plastic bag. Dishcloth and towels are thicker and you can shove them inside your glasses to prevent breakage.

  1. Separate Small Appliances

When you purchase small appliances like a kettle, coffee maker, and toaster, you want to keep all the boxes that they came with. Because of their varied sizes, small appliances are a nuance when packing for a move. Ideally, you should flatten these boxes and store them until you need to use them with your move with moving companies in San Francisco. If you have not done this, then you can still use other packing materials like bubble wraps, heavy-duty plastic containers. As much as possible, separate each appliance and don’t overcrowd them. Use recycled newspapers to cover the body of the appliances to avoid any dents or scratches. Fold the wires properly and tie them so they don’t tangle with other wires.