How to Properly Move Your Business

by | Apr 16, 2018 | moving companies San Francisco

Successful Business Moves with Good Green Moving

Moving an entire business from one commercial place to another is a time-consuming and sometimes, stressful process. There are a lot more things to figure out in advance. At Good Green Moving, we will take care of all your moving needs. Our team of professionals is trained to safeguard your assets to avoid any damages. Aside from packing, you also have to notify external parties about your move. When you move your business, you have to prepare just in case you need to shut down operations for a couple of days or even weeks. Here’s how to properly move your business. 

  1. Customers and Clients

It is always important to inform your customers and clients of any major events happening in your company. Information such as new location and contact details should be provided as soon as possible. If you have to close up shops for a couple of days or weeks, notify your customers in advance. You can notify your customers either by sending an email, calling them personally, or sending a letter. Sending business notices with moving companies in San Francisco is only the right and professional thing to do.

  1.   Banks and Other Agencies

Update your bank information especially your new address and contact details to avoid losing any important letters and bank statements. Speak with a bank representatives in advance so that they can update the system with your new information. They will also let you know if you need to submit any documents for security purposes. This is also the perfect time to call your insurance company so that they can update your information from their end. This will come in handy should you need their assistance for insurance claims and so on.

  1.   Vendors and Other Business Partners

If you have a manufacturing business and you deal with different vendors all the time, it is crucial that you communicate to them early on that you are moving your business. If they provide supplies for you, then they need to update your address as soon as possible to prevent any mix up during deliveries. Other external parties such as service providers should also be warned about this change. This can include your internet provider, caterer, courier, and so on. You need to plan before you even search for moving companies in San Francisco. It’s the only way to avoid halting your business operations after you move to a new location.