Plan Ahead When Using Moving Companies

by | Apr 12, 2018 | moving companies San Francisco

Plan Accordingly When Hiring a Moving Company

Moving is such a laborious task. It requires planning and preparation. Even if you already found several moving companies in San Francisco that can do the job, not all of them are willing to move your belongings during the winter season. Sometimes, you find out on the same day that roads will be closed and suddenly, you have to figure out an alternative route. No matter how many tasks you have ticked on your checklist, there are still a few things that can go wrong. This is why you need a contingency plan from moving companies within San Francisco. To minimize the impact, here are four tips you can follow to plan ahead when using moving companies.

  1. Discuss Winter Conditions Policies with Movers

Before you hire a mover from a list of moving companies in San Francisco, make sure that you specifically ask them about their policies with regards to winter conditions. Some movers can anticipate weather changes, so they can still go through with the move during the winter season. Others may postpone your moving day if there is a risk of damage or accident. At Good Green Moving, we always prioritize the needs of our clients. Our concierge offers different services to guarantee a successful move.

  1. Prep Your Own Car

If you need an additional vehicle to carry valuable items, your car should be set up and ready to go. Clean your car and bring it in for maintenance as soon as possible. Make sure that it is working and can hold its own during a snowstorm. Store important equipment such as extra boxes for storage, chains, locks, tires, and so on.

  1. Keep an Emergency Bag

Prepare an emergency bag if you will be driving for more than four hours. Your emergency bag should include extra blankets, water, food, emergency lights, batteries, and other things you need to survive a cold night. Make sure that you have enough cash in case you need to stop driving and check into a hotel.

  1. Update Your Emergency Contact List

Always update your emergency contact list if you will be moving on your own. This way, you know who to call in case your car shuts down or you can’t find the right direction. As much as possible, you should have the contact details of your new landlord or local authorities in your new place of residence.